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Daniel Dines from UiPath, dethroned in the Forbes list. Who are the richest Romanians in 2022

The Dragoș and Adrian Pavăl brothers have climbed to first place in the Forbes Romania list of the richest Romanians in 2022, with a fortune of 13 billion lei. The owners of Dedeman have thus dethroned Daniel Dines, the co-founder of UiPath, whose fortune has decreased with the decline of shares on the stock exchange.

The Forbes list gathers a number of 26 billionaires in lei, 8 more than in 2021. In the top 10, there are people from the fields of real estate, finance, IT, distribution, trade.

The cumulative net worth of billionaires in lei is over 84 billion lei, up by almost 20 billion lei compared to last year, writes Forbes.

Here is the list of the 10 richest Romanians in 2022, compiled by Forbes Romania:

  1. Dragoș and Adrian Pavăl (Dedeman) – 13 billion lei
  2. Ion Țiriac (car, real estate, financial) – 8.5 billion lei
  3. Daniel Dines (UiPath) – 8 billion lei
  4. Ion Stoica and Matei Zaharia (Databricks) – 7.5 billion lei
  5. Ion Stoica and Matei Zaharia (Databricks) – 7.5 billion lei
  6. Florin and Măriuca Talpeș (Bitdifender) – 4.7 billion lei
  7. Ștefan Vuza (Chimcomplex) – 4.5 billion lei
  8. Anastasia Soare (Anastasia Beverly Hills) – 3.4 billion lei
  9. Anca Vlad (Fildas-Catena Group) – 2.8 billion lei
  10. Victor Căpitanu and Andrei Diaconescu (One United Properties) – 2.5 billion lei

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