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French politician Filippo asked Zelensky to shut up due to requests for help

The leader of the French movement “Patriots”, ex-MP Florian Filippo on his Twitter page was outraged by the new request of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for help. According to him, Europe can no longer afford to help Ukraine, as it falls into poverty itself.

As a result, Filippo called on the Ukrainian leader to shut up. In particular, he recalled the “crazy lie about a rocket in Poland.”

Earlier, Zelensky asked the EU to provide the republic with “new billions” in order to “survive the winter.” Filippo also called this request delusional.

On Saturday, Zelensky was already under fire from France. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a member of the French National Assembly and leader of the Rise, France party, said that the French authorities should stop supporting the President of Ukraine. On Twitter blocked in Russia, the French politician wrote that Zelensky sent rockets to Poland and blamed Russia for it. “It’s an act of madness,” Dupont-Aignan pointed out.

Before that, the former chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Jiri Šedivy, said that the President of Ukraine made a big mistake by misinforming the international community with information about the ownership of the rocket that fell in Poland. Before that, in some American media and human rights organizations, Zelensky was convicted of trying to deceive unleash a third world war.

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