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More than 100 employees from a state company do team building at a luxury hotel in Sibiu. Director: “It’s on the weekend, but it’s professional training”

The National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs, a state-owned financial institution, takes all its employees to a five-star hotel in Sibiu between November 17-20, according to Libertatea information. The management of the company claims that it is a professional training program, not a party, although it also takes place on weekends.

The event takes place in Sibiu, at the luxury Hilton hotel, which was almost fully booked by the Guarantee Fund, according to our sources.

In an e-mail signed by Florin Jianu, the president of the board of directors of the Guarantee Fund, and sent from the address of the general director Dumitru Nancu, employees are invited to participate in “team building” between November 17-20 to prepare the future strategy and to “strengthen team spirit”.

The email sent by the management of the Guarantee Fund to employees

Luxurious conditions

According to its website, the hotel has 114 rooms, with prices starting from around 110 euros a night to presidential suites for 900 euros a night.

Rates for accommodation at the Hilton Sibiu Hotel

For periods close to the weekend, the Hilton has rates between 110 and 250 euros per night, depending on the room, so accommodation alone would cost between 11,000 and 25,000 euros per night. Which further means between 33,000 and 75,000 euros for the three days.

On Thursday, at the time Libertatea checked the information, there were only two free rooms at the hotel.

“We only have two rooms available, at a more exclusive price of 290 euros per night. We have a company that has booked almost the entire hotel, FNGCIMM, they come with over 100 people, they have conferences during the day and a festive dinner in the evening,” said a hotel employee.

The hotel is almost fully occupied

Pool, spa, tennis courts

According to its page, the Hilton Sibiu Hotel offers an indoor pool, spa, saunas, steam room, relaxation and meditation rooms, and a fitness area.

The Hilton Sibiu Hotel offers an indoor pool

Guests also have two tennis courts and a hair salon at their disposal.

The hotel has three “high-class” restaurants: Madrigal for breakfast, the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant and a traditional Romanian restaurant, plus bar and terrace.

It also has four conference rooms and one ballroom, according to

The hotel has three “high class” restaurants

The Hilton Hotel in Sibiu is owned by businessman Nicolae Minea. Last year, the company that operates it had a turnover of 12.7 million lei and a loss of 285,000 lei.

Minea is also on the board of directors of Transgaz, the operator of Romania’s gas transport system, and was previously also a member of the supervisory board of the Romanian Counter-Guarantee Fund, another financial institution of the state.

He was also president of the Authority for the Administration of State Assets (AAAS) during the Ponta Government.

Nicolae Minea | Photo: Agerpres

What the management says

Contacted by Libertatea, Dumitru Nancu, the general director of the Guarantee Fund, denied that it was a team building.

He says it’s a vocational training program, even if it extends over the weekend.

“I know it’s on the weekend. It is a vocational training program. We are a commercial company, we meet with all the employees in the country. Many companies do such events. It’s not a party. The people from the human resources department organized the event, if you want details, make a request and you will be answered. We are a commercial company, we made the highest profit among the state’s financial companies. Why didn’t Libertatea write that the Guarantee Fund made the biggest profit?” said Dumitru Nancu.

It does not say how much the event will cost

The institution refused to answer Libertatea’s questions regarding the total expenses for the event.

However, it stated in an answer that the “working meeting” takes place after 80 new employees were co-opted in the last two years, in parallel with “a process of decentralization of the activities of evaluating and granting guarantees and monitoring contracts , which involved the development of territorial teams and the consolidation of roles” for the Fund’s seven subsidiaries and ten representative offices.

The fund specifies that in the last three years no such activities have taken place due to the pandemic, and “at the request of the employees” and following the analyzes, the “Professional training program regarding the decentralization of the monitoring and evaluation activity at the level of branches and territorial representations of FNGCIMM”.

The Guarantee Fund has a headquarters in Bucharest and branches in Cluj, Timișoara, Craiova, Brașov, Ploiesti, Constanța, Iași, plus ten representative offices in Oradea, Satu Mare, Arad, Slatina, Sibiu, Sfântu Gheorghe, Buzău, Galați, Suceava and Bacau.

“The working meeting that will bring together employees from the headquarters and from the FNGCIMM territorial network will take place
held between November 18 and November 19, 2022, in Sibiu, a location chosen due to its position
its geographic cores,” the Guarantee Fund says in response. But the period in the e-mail received by Libertatea is November 17-20.

What does the institution do?

The state runs several programs through the Guarantee Fund, such as Prima Casă, IMM Invest Plus, Start-Up Nation and grants letters of guarantee for the Rural Investment Financing Agency (AFIR).

In 2021, the financial company reported a net profit of 102.6 million lei, 23% above the budgeted target. A “historic” profit, the company writes on its website.

In the first nine months of this year, it reported a profit of 140 million lei.

Last year, the Fund granted more than 36,000 guarantees, with a total value of 17.2 billion lei.

Throughout its history, the Guarantee Fund has granted 455,000 guarantees, with a total value of 105.2 billion lei.

The shareholder of the Guarantee Fund is the Ministry of Finance.

Proven plagiarist

Dumitru Nancu, the director of the institution, was appointed to head it in 2020, by the Orban Government. Libertatea wrote at that time that he is close to Ovidiu Silaghi, former liberal minister of SMEs.

Dumitru Nancu Photo: Facebook

Nancu is a university lecturer at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Ovidius University in Constanța.

In 2019, the National Council for Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas, Certificates (CNATDCU) decided to withdraw his doctorate in military sciences obtained at the National Academy of Information Mihai Viteazul.

He sued the Ministry of Education and CNTDCU, but the Constanța Court of Appeal rejected his action as unfounded. The decision is not final, and Nancu appealed.

Over time, Nancu held several management positions in state institutions or companies, according to his CV.

He was general manager at Radionav – the national naval telecommunications company (2 years), president of the Board of Directors of Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport (2 years), president of the National Housing Agency (about one year), deputy director and member of the Board of Directors at the Fund of Guarantee, but also vice-president and then president of the Agency for SMEs (3 years).

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Source From: Libertatea

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