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The headquarters of the Local Police in a Constanta commune, destroyed by thieves who blew up the ATM

The national police was notified at number 112, during the night from Thursday to Friday, that the ATM located in the building in the houses and the headquarters of the Local Police in the Castelu commune of Constanta was blown up. The building was not guarded, Digi 24 reported.

UPDATE at 16:49: The investigators say that there were more than 100,000 lei in the ATM.

“Following the checks, it was found that the amount of more than 100,000 lei was in the ATM, and the representatives of the respective banking unit should communicate the total amount that was in the ATM before the explosion”, IPJ Constanța representatives said.

The police are still looking for the perpetrators.


Original news: “Today, around 3:15, police officers from the 4th Medgidia Rural Section were alerted, by calling 112, about the fact that an ATM in Castelu commune was broken. Dispatched to the scene, the policemen found that the reported cases are confirmed, and the ATM is destroyed as a result of an explosion”, Constanța Police informed.

According to Ziua de Constanța, the ATM, which belongs to BRD, was installed right next to the City Hall and in the building that houses two cameras of the local Police in Castelu commune. BRD had recently announced that it would come to pick up the ATM because people weren’t really using it, said the quoted source.

According to the first information, the video surveillance camera near the ATM was destroyed by the thieves, and SRI crews also came to the scene, because it was about explosives.

There were no casualties as a result of the incident.

“When I arrived at 7.30 and called the director of BRD, he knew the problem. We let the specialists do their work. It is a unique event, for 30 years I have not seen anything like this, I have not had such incidents. We are shocked”, said the deputy mayor of the locality, Antonela Prodan for the ReplicaOnline newspaper.

The authorities are looking for the perpetrators for aggravated theft, and the investigations have been taken over by police officers from the Criminal Investigation Service.

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