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Student beaten and sexually assaulted in the toilet by a classmate. The parents accuse the school management of not taking any action

The aggression took place in a school in Bucharest, writes TVR.

The victim’s father told journalists from the public television station that his son was hit and abused in the toilet of the educational unit by a classmate during class.

The scene was caught by another colleague, who notified the history teacher.

“During the history lesson, he asked to use the toilet. At that moment, his colleague also came out after him. The boy started to leave the toilet, but his colleague pushed him back into the toilet, put his hand around his throat and kicked him in the stomach. He forced him to stand still, to lay hands on him…”, the father of the assaulted child declared for TVR.

He also said that his son refused to go to school after that episode and accuses that both the teacher who was immediately notified of the incident and the school principal refused to take action against the aggressor.

“He took no action. She said that she can’t do anything at all and that the children have to get along.”

Contacted by TVR journalists, the principal of the school where the incident took place refused to offer a point of view.

Instead, the representatives of the Bucharest School Inspectorate stated that they were notified that the aggression had taken place.

“The inspectorate was notified already on the second day. Later, the parents of the involved children were summoned. The class council, the Administrative Council was convened and the recommendation was made that the children involved benefit from psychological counseling. The allegation is that this incident happened in the toilet. No one goes in there, you don’t even have cameras. If it had happened in a space where there could be surveillance, things would probably have been different”, said Larisa Gojnete, school inspector for institutional communication.

The Capital Police specified that checks are currently being made for sexual assault and beating or other violence, in this case, and the District 6 Prosecutor’s Office is coordinating the investigations.

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