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A new resource for the FATİH project, where millions of liras have been spent but never completed.

With the modification of the regulation published in May with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a regulation was adopted for “the additional price difference in contracts concluded in Turkish lira concerning the purchase of goods and services and construction works in the public sector”.

On this basis, the Ministry of National Education (MEB) added a temporary article to the FATIH project regulations. With the amendment, in which the sentence “The calculation of the additional price difference with the incremental price difference, the granting of an extension of time and the termination of contracts can be carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles” was added, it paved the way for contractors to be paid “price difference and additional price difference” for the FATIH project, which was particularly criticized during the epidemic process.


The FATIH project, which the AKP called the “project of the century” in 2010, could not be completed in 2014, when it was announced that it would be completed. As part of the still ongoing project, 4.3 billion lira has been spent in 2021 alone. The total expenditure of the project to date has reached 15 billion lira. While the tablets, the distribution of which was announced, could not be completed, the smart board application could not reach all schools. Especially in the eastern provinces, the rate of classrooms that can be equipped with smart boards is very low. The Court of Auditors, in its report on the MEB in September 2021, criticized that the revised protocol signed to amend the “FATİH Project Cooperation Protocol in Education” added additional costs to the budget due to the pricing of certain services that were previously included in the tariff charges.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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