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Russian tanker Lana freed in Greece

The tanker “Lana” (formerly “Pegasus”), which previously sailed under the Russian flag, and then changed its name and owner, has been released by the Greek authorities. This happened after 2.5 months of arrest. Now the tanker with the help of two tugboats is heading to the port of Piraeus, according to the Greek TV channel ERT.

The tanker carrying Iranian oil has been under arrest since mid-April. She remained at anchor near the port of Karystos on the island of Euboea due to a mechanical failure.

By decision of the court of first instance, Iranian oil was confiscated in favor of the United States, and part of the oil was reloaded onto a Greek tanker for further shipment to America.

Iran called the seizure of the ship’s cargo “a prime example of international piracy,” blaming Athens and those who illegally seized the ship. In response to the arrest of the tanker and the confiscation of oil, Iran seized two Greek-flagged tankers in the Persian Gulf.

In mid-June, the Lana tanker was released by decision of the Greek authorities. However, he again could not leave the waters of Greece. This time because of the financial claims of the towing company, which filed a lawsuit. As reported, the tugboats demanded more than 2 million euros. Now this issue has been settled and the tanker has been released.

At the same time, as reported by television, the ship “will return part of the oil cargo, originally seized at the request of the US judicial authorities.” The court of Chalkis decided to return 60,000 metric tons of oil out of 104,134 tons – Lana transported them in tanks.

ERT notes that it is not known who is going to bear the costs of transshipment of oil to Lana – it is on another tanker near the port of Piraeus.

Source From: MK

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