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AKP’s Zülfü Demirbağ, who said: ‘We will eat half a kilo of meat if necessary’: ‘I am ashamed, I owe my advisers’

As citizens struggle for their livelihoods in the shadow of the deep economic crisis, “If we eat 2 kilos of meat a month, we will eat half a kilo” AKP deputy presenting a “suggestion” in the form of Zulfu DemirbagHe worried about his parliamentary salary.

This week’s guest of the show Sümen Altı broadcast on TV42 “If we eat 2 kilos of meat per month, we eat half a kilo. Instead of two kilos of tomatoes, we buy twoAKP MP Elazig, who said “and became the object of criticism Zulfu Demirbag it happened. Demirbağ answered questions from journalists Mücahit Enes Turbil and Emre Özgül.

Demirbağ said that the big mountain will have big smoke, money will flow like water, and lawyers’ salaries will be insufficient if there is no other income.


The relevant part of Demirbağ’s speech from the AKP is as follows;

  • Right now, I’m ashamed that I said to my adviser: ‘Bring 2-3 thousand liras from there. Why? I am indebted to my consultants, I am waiting for my salary, which we will receive in 15 days. We are waiting for the salary before the holidays. It’s not, it’s not what it seems from the outside. A person who has a heart and a conscience cannot be an MP with this parliamentary salary. Very difficult. Well, now I was a bureaucrat in Istanbul Municipality. I was also getting board membership, auditing and management. Well, my situation was much better than it is now. I joined two cooperatives and became an owner in Istanbul. Now? It’s not possible now, how are you going to do it?

Source: Cumhuriyet

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