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A man from Craiova, accused of killing his ex-wife and burying her body, last year

The investigation began after, on Friday, the police from Craiova were notified by a man from Seaca de Câmp commune about the fact that, in March 2021, his mother left home to arrive in Italy, but since then no he was also able to contact her, according to

Following the verifications, “there were reasonable indications that a family member had committed the crime of murder. Thus, the case was taken over in its own investigation by a prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Dolj Tribunal, a criminal file being drawn up under the aspect of committing the crime of murder on a family member “, announced on Saturday, IPJ Dolj.

The authorities established that, at the end of April 2021, in the common house in Craiova, the woman was allegedly assaulted by her ex-husband, an aggression that led to her death. Subsequently, the woman’s body was taken to Şimnicu de Sus commune, where she was buried.

The woman’s body was found on Friday night to Saturday, at a depth of 2 meters, in Şimnicu de Sus commune, when the area was excavated.

“Following the evidence administered, the 55-year-old man, from Craiova, was detained for 24 hours, being taken to the Detention and Preventive Arrest Center within IPJ Dolj”, specified IPJ Dolj.

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Source From: Libertatea

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