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‘Censorship Bill’ will not go to parliament due to elections

The proposed disinformation law, also known as the “public censorship law”, prepared by the AKP and the MHP, is on the way to becoming “incompetent”. The Popular Alliance has been working on the Disinformation Bill for a long time. The proposal was presented to the public because “it includes regulations concerning the press, social media and journalism on the Internet”. However, Article 29 of the proposal submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has been harshly criticized by both the professional media and the opposition.


Concerns that the aforementioned article would “open the door to the declaration of intent” for journalists have also been expressed within the People’s Alliance, and said proposal has not been put on the agenda. day of the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for “re-examination” after the negotiations with the opposition. It had been announced the day before that the proposal was “to the new legislative year”. However, the AKP wing thinks that this proposal “may not be on the agenda of the new legislature, that is, in October, and that it will somehow remain obsolete. The AKP wing also points out that all MEPs ‘will focus on the election’ in the next legislature Stating that Turkey is currently carrying out many operations abroad and that there have been many developments in diplomacy, AKP staff said: “There is an election in 2023. On the other hand side, there is a process being carried out both in domestic and foreign policy. Consequently, it does not seem possible that this proposal will return to the agenda of the general meeting in such a period.


On the side of the AKP, we note that certain articles of the proposal are “contrary to the constitution”. It is stressed that the most important point on which the government insists is the “penalties brought by the proposal”. It is specified that the sanctions in question “will also lead to many unfair decisions” during the legal implementation phase.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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