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What the cell looked like where several women allege they were sexually assaulted by Visarion Alexa. “Woven with icons and photos”, it appears in reports and interviews

To the left of the “Pogorârea Sfântului Duh” church in Bucharest, where Visarion Alexa, the priest accused by several women of rape and sexual abuse, served, there was a wooden house with windows to the inner courtyard, armchairs, a yellow sofa, icons and a library. It is the place where both the victims who spoke to the Libertatea reporter and those who filed a criminal complaint say they were abused.

After a short visit to the “Pogorărea Sfântului Duh” parish in Militari, instead of the wooden cell to the left of the settlement, only a pile of cubic stone remained. The cell was demolished in 2020, confirmed by both testimonies and satellite images.

The cell was demolished in 2020

The church is still open now. It is easy to reach, turning right from Iuliu Maniu boulevard towards the streets with blocks of flats flanking the Polytechnic of Bucharest. This is also the name of the street. Polytechnics. And the traces of the cell are visible from the street, with a look over the wooden fence that is barely standing.

They are doubled by the words of believers.

“There was a cell there, yes. Father Visarion’s cell. She was beautiful. It needs to be renovated, they need to renovate it, you see they also brought the stone”, says a parishioner of the “Church between the blocks”, as she was called in a report “Romania, I love you” broadcast on PRO TV.

In 2019, the television aired the episode “Duhovnicii dien betoena”, a week after Easter. And the camera crew entered, along with Visarion, the incriminated room.

Priest Visarion Alexa in his cell, during the filming of the show “Romania, te iubesc”, from 2019

“At the church between the blocks, for 15 years, the priest Visarion Alexa has been serving between the concretes of the city. People know him as the “listening parent”. And listening takes place in front of the altar and, above all, in the little cell he carved for himself at the back of the church. A place where, often, I catch him at dawn talking to people”, PRO TV introduced the interview filmed right in the cell.

What the cell looked like

From the PRO TV images, correlated with what can be seen on Google Street View – version 2014, the cell was located in a left-back corner of the parish yard.

Visarion Alexa’s cell | Photo capture: PRO TV

It was of wood, had two windows only to the courtyard, with no window to the street, and had only one storey. The wooden structure was covered with silver corrugated iron and was flanked by shipping containers at the entrance from the street.

The door was new and had the insignia of a security company. And inside, cramped, Visarion Alexa had two yellow armchairs, a sofa of the same color, a small desk with a computer, a table, a bookcase, a refrigerator, icons and small appliances – cassette player, espresso machine.

He received those from Doxology in the same place

Also in 2019, the reporters of the Christian-Orthodox portal visited Visarion Alexa in the same place.

They talk, at the beginning, about the “mission” of the priest in Militari, the place where he produces and broadcasts a show on the Internet.

PRO TV also documented the same thing: the priest filmed himself in his cell talking about various topics to the believers at home.

How women describe the place

Libertatea presented two testimonies from Visarion Alexa’s victims, women who are not on the initial list of those who have already filed complaints against him.

“When I went to confession last time, in the cell, he stopped at one point to go to the bathroom, which was somewhere in the back. I thought it was normal and what was his fault that he needed the bathroom during confession?! It’s normal, I told myself.

In the cell there was a small couch and two armchairs. I was sitting on one. When he came back, he stood in front of me. He undid his pants and forced me… I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock. I told him I didn’t want to, I kept my mouth closed and my teeth clenched, but he forced me. He kept rubbing against me…

I didn’t know what to do, you were practically petrified… I let him do his thing, I just wanted to get out of there, to finish it faster. I was praying that it would end faster, in that cell decorated with icons and photos,” the woman told Libertatea.

In the images filmed by PRO TV, you can also see the door leading to the bathroom.

Capture PRO TV

The woman who accuses Priest Visarion Alexa of forcing her to give him oral sex says she was unable to talk about it when it happened. It is common for victims of sexual abuse to remain silent after the events, feeling scared, ashamed and often judged by the people around them. Especially when the aggressor comes from a power relationship. “In general, sexual abusers are people known to the victim, who have gained her trust,” psychotherapist Silvia Guță explains to the newspaper.

Candles placed at the church for Visarion Alexa

“I was praying to St. Mina that it would end”

On Monday, when five other people filed complaints on Father Visarion Alexa’s behalf, a statement also emerged mentioning the same cell.

“I was stuck, I was praying to Saint Mina for it to end, because he had the icon in his cell. I was upset. He told me that I don’t understand the Bible, maybe I’m reading the Old Testament (King David) and “love” towards one’s neighbor”, says a post on Facebook.

Visarion Alexa was placed under judicial control following a complaint that a woman filed with the 20th Police Station for acts that allegedly took place between 2010 and 2016.

Contacted by Libertatea, Visarion’s lawyer Alexa said that “these testimonies are simple firecrackers from an evidentiary point of view” and that “we do not respond to all the accusations in the ditch”. The lawyer blames the women who did not go to the police immediately after the act that they accuse took place.

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Source From: Libertatea

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