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Ana Maria drowned in her own blood, disfigured by an Austrian. The Romanian woman was recognized by her parents only by her tattoos

A young Romanian woman was brutally murdered on Saturday, September 24, in Austria, and her murderer, arrested a day later, admitted his deeds on Tuesday and gave terrifying details about the last moments of Ana Maria’s life, writes the Austrian newspaper Krone Zeitung .

An autopsy clarified the causes of death of the 23-year-old Ana Maria D., murdered in Ternberg: she was beaten so badly that she was no longer recognized and finally drowned in her own blood and vomit. Alleged killer Alexander H. confessed everything on Tuesday. The reason: disagreements in the price negotiations for the services that the Romanian escort was going to offer the man.

During the negotiations for the price, Alexander M., who had made the reservation by phone, after finding the number on the Internet, for Saturday evening, and Ana Maria D. argued in the client’s apartment, the 34-year-old man admitted on Tuesday. “No money was found on the man when he was arrested,” says Andreas Pechatscheck, the Steyr prosecutor.

Ana Maria lived near Linz in an apartment with several escorts and on Saturday she was brought by a car to the address indicated by the client.

The alleged killer said that the sexual act for which he had come did not even take place, as he “beat” the Romanian. The victim was beaten with her bare hands until she was unrecognizable, and the parents identified their daughter by her tattoos. “According to the result of the autopsy, the victim died from aspiration of vomit and blood,” says Pechatschek, who knows the current state of the investigation.

This means that the young Romanian suffocated painfully on the couch of her last client. The time of death could not be ascertained but is between Saturday evening and Sunday noon. At around 4pm on Sunday, after the intervention of a Viennese lawyer, the body was finally found and the 34-year-old man was arrested.

He was in the house with the victim’s body. A breathalyzer test in custody showed a concentration of 0.8 per thousand of pure alcohol in exhaled air. A toxicology report was also requested.

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