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Nicusor Dan says that “it is not appropriate at this moment” to increase the mayors’ salaries

Nicușor Dan, the general mayor of the Capital, declared, on Wednesday morning, in a press conference, that it is not appropriate at this moment to increase the salaries of the mayors, according to News. The reaction comes after the Chamber of Deputies voted on the salary increase for city councilors and local administration employees on Tuesday.

Asked today by journalists if it would be normal to increase the salaries of mayors and vice-mayors, Nicușor Dan said:

“Whether or not salaries should be increased, I consider that it is not appropriate for this moment.”

The mayor also specified that “we have a problem in the local public administration in the sense that the unitary salary law limits the salaries that different types of officials can have with the salary of the deputy mayor”.

If this law is applied, the mayor of the capital would receive 2,200 lei more in gross salary. Thus, his salary would increase from 20,800 gross lei (4,200 euros) to 23,000 gross lei (4,653 euros).

The mayor also said that the directors who earn much better in private will not choose the administration.

“Bucharest City Hall is a town hall with a budget of 4 billion lei per year. You won’t find an investment manager who privately earns 5,000-6,000 euros on a salary of 2,500 euros. And then on this position and on another five, six, ten important positions that you would like to bring the best from the market, you will never succeed. It’s something we should keep in mind when we talk about the unitary wage law”, Nicușor Dan also conveyed.

The deputies approved, on Tuesday, the increase in allowances for mayors, vice-mayors, presidents and vice-presidents of county councils. 168 deputies voted in favor. 79 deputies voted against, and four deputies abstained. USR announced that it is attacking CCR.

USR, through the voice of Alin Gabriel Apostol, announced that it will challenge the draft law in the Constitutional Court.

“Employees from Romania earn less than 4,500 lei gross. An employee from the local public administration has an average salary of 6,338 lei. You voted for yourselves and yours. I understood why you voted, because a significant part of them brings you their votes in every election. USR will attack this legislative proposal at the CCR”, said Apostol.

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Source From: Libertatea

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