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A 16-year-old girl from Vaslui, found dead in the apartment. The oven on the stove was on

An intensive mobile therapy crew was requested to intervene last night in an apartment in the industrial area of ​​the municipality of Vaslui, where the teenager was found unconscious by the family. The call to 112 was made shortly before midnight.

The medical personnel who arrived at the scene could not do anything to save the teenager. According to the doctors, the girl had been dead for several hours.

“Unfortunately, the crew’s intervention was futile. The victim had cadaveric stiffness,” said Marius Stanciu, spokesman for the Vaslui Emergency Inspectorate.

A student at a high school in Vaslui, she lived alone in the apartment, after her parents divorced a year ago. The other brothers moved with the mother to another locality, but she stayed to continue her studies in Vaslui. The parents were the ones who found their daughter dead in the apartment, alerted that she was no longer answering the phone.

Upon entering the house, they found the oven on the stove. The hypothesis taken into account by the investigators is that the girl would have opened the stove to warm up, and carbon monoxide accumulated in the room.

The police opened an investigation. The exact cause of death is to be determined following the necropsy.

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Source From: Libertatea

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