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Klaus Iohannis, speech before the members of the Romanian community in the USA: “It’s crisis after crisis, after crisis, after crisis, but we’re managing”

President Klaus Iohannis stated, at the meeting with members of the Romanian community on the West Coast of the USA, that “the Romanians and the government do not stand idly by, they get involved, they work” and that “Romania is doing well, and the economy is growing”, writes the News agency .ro. The speech of the head of state, transmitted live on the video stream of the Presidential Administration, lasted almost 11 minutes, and the format did not include questions from the audience.

The event, hosted by the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sacramento, California, opened with the singing of the national anthem. The ambassador of Romania to the USA, Andrei Muraru, followed at the microphone.

Muraru thanked “those who accepted our invitation” and specified that there are “dozens of Romanians who came from other states, from thousands of kilometers away, to meet you. From New York, Florida, Georgia, Utah, Texas, Oregon or New Mexico”.

Jokes with the first lady

“Many of the guests I spoke with told me that they enjoyed your presence, but even more so the meeting with the first lady, Carmen Iohannis,” said Muraru, who was interrupted by applause.

In his speech, Iohannis stated that “Romania is in an extremely complicated situation, on the one hand, for reasons related to the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, on the other hand, I think it is good to know that the Romanians and The Romanian government does not stand idly by, it gets involved, it works and, surprisingly for many, for me, naturally, Romania is doing well and the Romanian economy is growing. It’s very, very positive news.”

Klaus Iohannis stated that, regarding the crises we are facing in Romania, we are in a situation we have not been in for a long time, “it is crisis, over crisis, over crisis” and yet “we are managing”.

The head of state recalled the support given by Romania to Ukrainian refugees, Romania’s contribution to solving the crisis related to the export of Ukrainian grains, stating that so far 60% of Ukrainian grains have passed through Romania.

US promise to those at home: ‘They will not sit in the cold and dark’

According to the president, the energy crisis is a reality for Romania as well, stating that energy has not only become more expensive, but also more difficult to obtain.

Together with the Government, we managed to keep prices at a reasonable level. We can guarantee the Romanians in the country that in winter they will not have to stay in the cold and in the dark, although the situation is complicated.

Klaus Iohannis:

“I wanted to describe these things to you so that you understand that we have a situation that, on the one hand, is full of difficulties, on the other hand, it is full of opportunities, and only the ingenuity and inventiveness and diligence of the Romanians make it so that in all these crises to still have, surprisingly, an economic growth. And, unsurprisingly, this innovativeness, ingenuity and diligence make you do well here too”, said Klaus Iohannis to the Romanians in the USA.

“Here I am somewhat removed from the horrors of war”

He stated that the war waged by Russia against Ukraine is the cause of the crises we are facing.

“Here you are somewhat far from these horrors, we are very close. Romania has, among all NATO allies, the longest common border with Ukraine and we believe that it is right, it is morally right, it is ethically right to help Ukraine, and we do it in all plans”, emphasized Klaus Iohannis.

Iohannis also referred to the strategic partnership with the USA, which turns 25 this year, adding that “and thanks to American support, Romania is in NATO”.

He stated that there are many companies from the United States operating in Romania, but there are still, unfortunately, very few Romanian companies operating in the United States, “but maybe there is still room for development here.”

The president also spoke about the partnership with the USA for the development of nuclear reactors: “The first reactor of this type in Europe will be built in Romania. It is a great achievement and we believe that in a few years we will benefit from this technology in a special way, namely that they will be produced in Romania to be used in other countries as well”.

The Romanian community in the United States of America is an extraordinarily important bridge between Romania and the United States of America. It’s you and I thank you!.

Klaus Iohannis:

Entered by invitation only

Libertatea wrote yesterday that entry to Klaus Iohannis’ meeting with the Romanians in San Francisco was by invitation only.

The event was organized by the Embassy of Romania in the United States of America and took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The Romanian Embassy in the USA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) did not specify on what basis the invitations were offered.

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Source From: Libertatea

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