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The PNL does not reject the PSD proposal that the capping of energy prices should be related to current consumption

The PNL spokesperson, Ionuț Stroe, said on Friday, September 23, for Mediafax, that the party led by Nicolae Ciucă has not made a final decision, but could agree to the social-democrats’ option regarding capping energy prices.

“We have not made a decision, but this aspect will be determined during the parliamentary debates. We are open to discussions and we do not say no to any option,” he said.

The liberal’s statements come in the context in which the PSD announced that it is submitting an amendment to the Parliament, so that the capping of energy prices is related to current consumption, and not to that of 2021.

The party led by Marcel Ciolacu argued that the amendment to the law will stimulate citizens to save electricity and will support Romania’s effort to reduce its national consumption by 10%, according to the proposals made by the European Commission.

What the law currently provides

On September 1, the executive led by Nicolae Ciucă adopted the amendments to the ordinance regarding capping and compensation in energy. Specifically, energy prices remained unchanged, but consumption thresholds decreased.

What are the consumption thresholds in the new ordinance:

  • 0.68 lei/kWh for Romanians who consumed between 0 and 100 kWh monthly in 2021
  • 0.8 lei/kWh for Romanians who consumed between 100.01 and 255 kWh per month in 2021. The previous threshold was 300 kWh

Through this ordinance, the Government extended the period of price capping until August 31, 2023.

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Source From: Libertatea

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