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Rich Romanians are more cautious with their monthly expenses compared to people with modest incomes

This is the conclusion of a survey carried out by CEC Bank in collaboration with the banking comparator, writes Agerpres.

Almost three-quarters of Romanians with incomes over 10,000 lei per month, i.e. 72%, are careful about their monthly spending budget, compared to approximately 60% of those who earn less than 2,500 lei/month.

The survey data show that for 25.5% of the respondents, housing expenses take up between 40% and 60% of their income, and a quarter of young people under 25 allocate less than 20% of their salary for the house, one explanation being that many prefer to continue living with the parents.

The survey data also show that only 61% of Romanians with incomes below 2,500 lei/month follow their income and expenditure budget. At the opposite pole, 72% of people with high incomes, i.e. more than 10,000 lei per month, are the most attentive to costs.

39% of respondents

they use internet banking and mobile banking services weekly, and most of them earn over 5,000 lei/month

Regarding digitization, in order to keep track of monthly bills, 49% of Romanians pay with a card or bank account, statistical figures also show.

The survey was carried out on a sample of 1,390 respondents from all over the country, of which 55.43% are employees, 43.78% declared income between 2,500 lei and 5,000 lei, 34.22% are between 25 and 40 years old , and 39.04% have higher education.

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Source From: Libertatea

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