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Elena Udrea remains in prison. The High Court rejected his appeal in “Gala Bute”

The High Court of Cassation and Justice rejected on Friday, September 23, as inadmissible, the appeals declared by Elena Udrea, Rudel Obreja and Tudor Breazu in the Gala Bute case, in which they were sentenced to prison, reports The decision is final.

A panel of five judges refused a new attempt by Elena Udrea to be released from prison.

“With the majority, it rejects, as unfounded, the annulment appeals filed by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice – National Anti-Corruption Directorate and convicts Udrea Elena Gabriela, Breazu Liberiu Tudor, Nastasia Gheorghe and Obreja Rudel against criminal decision no. 93 of June 5, 2018, pronounced by the High Court of Cassation and Justice – Panel of 5 Judges in file no. 2303/1/2017”, the High Court judges determined.

In the “Gala Bute” file, Elena Udrea filed an appeal requesting the annulment of the 6-year prison sentence, received on April 7. His lawyers invoked the decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the illegal method of setting up panels of five judges from the Supreme Court.

On September 12, lawyer Veronel Rădulescu said that, if Elena Udrea’s appeal is rejected, she will give up her job and go to work in agriculture.

Elena Udrea still has a final appeal against the conviction before the Supreme Court, namely an appeal in cassation, the verdict of which is expected on Monday, September 26, according to Agerpres.

Breazu and Obreja, also convicted in the “Gala Bute”

On April 7, Elena Udrea’s former personal assistant, Tudor Breazu, was also sentenced to three years in prison with execution, for complicity in bribery.

Also, also on April 7, Rudel Obreja was definitively sentenced to 5 years in prison, but the Ilfov Court decided on July 22 to temporarily release Obreja and suspend the sentence for a period of three months, so that he could deal with cancer.

The decision of the courts came after Gazeta Sporturilor published in 2011 a series of investigations about the irregularities regarding the organization of the Gala Bute sports event, financed by European funds, irregularities reported by journalists since the preparation phase of the boxing gala.

At the same time, the High Court of Cassation and Justice also decided on Friday, September 23, to reject the requests submitted by Elena Udrea and Tudor Breazu for referral to the Constitutional Court. However, this court decision is not final.

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Source From: Libertatea

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