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Three students from Bucharest, at the hospital, after consuming drugs. Announcement of the Ministry of Education

Three students from the Central School in Bucharest arrived at the hospital on Thursday after they felt sick and fainted. Adolescent girls consumed ethnobotanicals right in the educational unit. Sorin Ion, secretary of state in the Ministry of Education, told Edupedu that surveillance cameras will be installed in the exterior spaces of the Central School, and the money for paying for the cameras will be paid by the Ministry of Education.

The incident took place on Thursday at the Central School in the capital, and the three students allegedly consumed ethnobotanical substances even during a break. At one point they fainted, and the school representatives called 112.

The three girls will be discharged today from the toxicology department of the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital in the capital, says the hospital’s spokesperson, Raluca Alexandru, for the cited source.

“The girls admitted that they smoked a cigarette with certain substances, but these substances are too new and they could not be detected in the tests,” said the hospital spokeswoman.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education, Sorin Ion, told Edupedu that, following yesterday’s incident, the exterior spaces of the Central School will be monitored by video, and the ministry will pay for the surveillance cameras.

“We made a request for the second consecutive year to the City Council of the City Hall of sector 2 to pay for a surveillance system in the area outside the school, but there was no money,” says the director of the educational unit, Lucian Popa.

Meanwhile, organized crime officers investigate.

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Source From: Libertatea

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