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The Timișoara County Hospital “started the steps” for the second worker burned in the Orșova explosion to be transferred abroad. The first victim is already in Germany

After the Bagdasar hospital in the Capital transferred the first man burned in the explosion at the Orșova Naval Shipyard to Lübeck, the other clinic announces that the second wounded man, who is in critical condition, will also be sent. “Procedures have begun, there are some special procedures,” announced the unit’s spokesperson

Both workers burned in the explosion at Orșova Naval Shipyard on September 14, 2022 can go abroad.

The first, the one admitted to the Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital, has already arrived at the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital in Lübeck, Germany, as TVR announced yesterday.

The man had burns on 84% of his body surface.

Today, the Timișoara County Hospital announced, for Libertatea, that the second patient could also be transferred abroad.

He is hospitalized at Casa Austria, a clinic belonging to the hospital.

“Just now I talked to the doctors and they told me that the steps have been started for the patient to be transferred abroad. There are some special procedures that take time”, said the spokesperson of the hospital unit, Dana Șpac.

He has burns on 65% of his body surface.

“He remains in critical condition,” a hospital spokeswoman told the newspaper.

The 7 steps through which a large burn is transferred

In short, what are the steps for a burn patient to go abroad?

  1. The patient is evaluated by a multidisciplinary team, surgeon, plastic surgeon, on-call doctor, they make an evaluation report.
  2. If the conditions for transfer to the burn center are met, a report is made and sent to the Emergency Situations Operative Center (COSU), an entity belonging to the Ministry of Health
  3. COSU liaises with the Department of Emergency Situations (DSU)
  4. DSU is looking for a place abroad
  5. The hospital sends the medical report in English to COSU
  6. The S2 form from the County Health Insurance Office is drawn up
  7. DSU organizes the transport with its own plane or with MApN planes

He returned from Spain

Liberty spoke, the other day, with the man’s wife. He had returned from Spain to work at the Naval Shipyard in Orșova.

She said that the man is a locksmith by trade, but he was “a good man at everything”.

“His condition is still critical, absolutely nothing has changed. We are waiting for him to get out of this condition, he is in the same critical condition every day”, she said.

Photo: Inquam Photos / Cornel Putan

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Source From: Libertatea

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