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A worker from the Portile de Fier Hydropower Plant was electrocuted while working on a transformer. ITM does checks

A man who was working on a transformer at the Portile de Fier Hydroelectric Power Station was electrocuted on Friday morning and was transported to the hospital with second and third degree burns on his hands. ITM inspectors are making checks in this case, according to News Mehedinți.

The incident took place this morning at Portile de Fier I Hydroelectric Power Plant. From the first information, it seems that the man had asked a colleague to turn off the electricity in the area where he was going to intervene, but most likely the man forgot, and the man was electrocuted .

His colleagues immediately called 112. The worker suffered first and second degree burns and was rushed to the hospital.

“The patient’s condition is quite serious, he has burns on both upper limbs, he will most likely be transported to a burn care center,” said Ramona Drula, a doctor at the County Ambulance Service.

The case is still under investigation. Police, ITM inspectors are on the scene.

It is the second work accident, recorded in just a few days in Mehedinți, after last week, three workers of the Orșova Naval Shipyard were injured following an explosion.

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Source From: Libertatea

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