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A beam weighing tens of tons from a bridge under renovation fell over a CFR highway in Brașov. Mechanic: “There was no warning, nothing!”

The road crossing that connects the city of Prejmer and the municipality of Brasov collapsed, on Thursday evening, over the railway, blocking the movement of trains for several hours, writes the local newspaper Mytex. The huge piece of cement broke the high voltage lines and blocked the tracks.

The fallen beam broke the railway’s electrification plant, so the trains were hauled by Diesel locomotives. When the beam fell, it also broke the supports with the high-voltage wires, so the railway traffic was blocked for several hours.

“CNAIR teams acted on the spot, the respective passage being under the administration of the road company. From the point of view of railway traffic, I mention the fact that, starting at 18.55, railway traffic resumed, with Diesel traction, on the Harman – Prejmer connection. The trains running with diesel locomotives between Harman and Prejmer are the following: 4513, 1646 and 12406”, said Oana Brânzan, spokesperson of CFR Infrastructura, on Thursday evening.

The mechanic of a Regio train managed to stop the train just 100 meters from the beam that fell on the tracks, avoiding a tragedy.

“There was no warning, nothing. I just noticed that it (beam no.) had fallen and I stopped the train”, the mechanic told ObservatorNews.

The water collected in the voids ground the inside of the beam until it gave way.

“The beams, at the time they were designed, could not be foreseen. If this type of beams does not have ventilation gaps or if they are clogged, meteoric waters infiltrate them and stay there”, said Mihai Rozorea, project manager for the cited source.

The bridge between Harman and Prejmer was built in 1983, and no repairs were made during the 40 years of its existence. The passage has deteriorated a lot, and a few weeks ago, pieces of this passage began to fall, and those responsible intervened to remove the danger.

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Source From: Libertatea

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