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Fire in the yard of a school in Hațeg. 400 students and 25 teachers were evacuated

A fire broke out, Friday morning, at a kiosk in the premises of a school in Haţeg, Hunedoara county, and the firemen immediately intervened with several special vehicles, according to the local newspaper ServusPress. Almost 400 students and 25 teachers left the building during the intervention, no victims being recorded.

The fire engulfed this morning a kiosk in the premises of the General School no. 2 in Hațeg, and the teaching staff tried to put out the fire with the help of several powder extinguishers, but the fire manifested itself with violence.

“Arriving urgently on the scene, the ISU Hunedoara forces intervened with a first-aid and command truck, two water and foam work trucks from the Hunedoara Fire Department, the Totești and Bretea work stations, as well as a SMURD crew, together with the Voluntary Service for Emergency Situations Hațeg”, the representatives of ISU Hunedoara sent.

During the intervention, a number of approximately 400 students and 25 teachers self-evacuated. The probable cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical short circuit.

“The prompt intervention of the military firefighters and the SVSU, combined with the evacuation of the students, very well organized and coordinated by the teachers, meant that there were no casualties after the event”, ISU Hunedoara also transmitted.

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Source From: Libertatea

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