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Denise’s killer has admitted his crime after four years and has given terrible details about the night he killed the 17-year-old Romanian near Madrid

Denisa Drăgan, a 17-year-old Romanian teenager, died in November 2018 and her killer admitted everything only four years later, on Thursday, before the judges of a Court in Madrid, where the trial of her and her ex-boyfriend, an accomplice to the crime, is taking place , writes El Periodico.

Rocío Martínez Santamaría, accused of murdering Denisa Drăgan, testified for the first time in the trial that she stabbed the young woman with a knife given to her by her boyfriend Mario T. and stated that his intention was not to kill, but to work things out with the teenager who was in a simultaneous relationship with her partner.

Denisa Drăgan, a 17-year-old teenager, of Romanian nationality, died on the night of November 25, 2018, following a stab wound to the abdomen, received in front of the house where she lived with Mario. For several months before the murder, he had received death threats from the accused.

Rocío could face up to 26 years in prison for murder, threats and harassment, while Mario faces up to 20 years in prison for accessory to murder. The girl’s defense is asking for a lesser sentence, citing her drug addiction and personality disorder.

The young woman claims that she was addicted to drugs and that she could not control her impulses due to her borderline disorder. She stated that on the morning of the murder she went with Mario to Valdemingómez to “take” drugs. However, this alleged addiction is not supported by forensic reports or the penitentiary where she is now imprisoned.

Faced with what is being called a late confession, the lawyer for the victim’s family, Marcos García Montes, told reporters that in his final report he would reduce Rocío’s sentence from 25 to 20 years in prison.

The accused had so far only confessed to the crime in the middle of an anxiety attack in a hospital waiting room. In previous reports, her lawyer said she was not responsible for the events and asked for mitigating circumstances to be taken into account.

Denise’s mother, dressed in black, listened intently to the killer’s interrogations, covered her head with a hood and hid her face with black glasses and a mask of the same color. In her hand she crumpled a sheet of paper, marked by the tension she felt as she listened to the testimony of her daughter’s killer.

In the statement, Rocio stated that he had a relationship with Mario since June 2018 and that Denisa found out that he was seeing both of them at the same time. “I was obsessed. Denisa contacted me through Instagram. This man had two girlfriends,” she said.

The young woman admitted that she and the victim sent each other messages, but did not make death threats. Asked by the prosecutor if he warned her he was going to kill her, she said she never said that, stating that her cell phone had been tampered with by both Mario and his friends.

On the day of the events, he recalled that it was Sunday and that in the morning they drove to Valdemingómez to “get cocaine and hash.” Mario was involved in “trafficking”, taking people to towns where drugs were sold, and was used to her accompanying him, a claim the young man denied.

“I went to dinner afterwards, to a fast food restaurant. I saw that Mario had a conversation with Denisa on his cell phone, but he was deleting her messages. When I saw it, I told him to drop me off at the bus stop so I could go home, because I want to leave him,” said the crying girl.

According to the confession, Mario told her that he wasn’t taking her where she wanted and that he was going to take her to Denisa’s house to sort things out. “I didn’t know where he lived. Mario took me to a place and gave me a black open razor, I don’t know for what purpose. I went to the door where it looked like someone lived,” he explained.

Rocío insisted that he did not know that Mario had a razor in the glove box and that he had already opened it. “I woke up with a razor in my hand. He took me there straight away,” she said.

As soon as he opened the door, Rocío asked Denisa to show him the messages and got angry: “I stabbed her with a razor and she said oh! I got scared and left. I was very nervous and high.”

He went back to the car but didn’t say anything to Mario. After that they went to Aluche and from there to San Isidro, to the house of the boy’s uncles. Rocio said that if he had known that Denisa was going to die, he would have called 911.

They found out that the young woman had died at seven in the morning. Rocío then called her mother and her father, a civil guard, went to look for her in Alcorcón. Then the father called the police, to hand her over: “He said on the phone: I have Rocío Martínez Santamaría.”

Forensic experts stated in the expert report that the stabbing was so deep that it had two upward trajectories, entry and exit, indicating that it was produced with a sharp knife of the type used for cutting ham and not with a razor. The murder weapon was found in a container near the crime scene.

Mario denied having a gun in the glove compartment of his car and claimed he didn’t bring Rocío into the house willingly: “She told me I’m going there alone or you’re going to take me.”

According to his testimony, he got out of the car and went to the door, where he started knocking. “I wasn’t alarmed because I thought there was nobody there. I didn’t hear any screams or dogs barking. I didn’t see him come out with the razor. He managed to throw it when he came back,” he explained and admitted for the first time that the girl confessed to him within minutes that she stabbed her ex-girlfriend in the stomach. Then he was left in a state of shock, not knowing what to do.

He decided to call his aunt, a psychologist by profession, for advice. According to him, her relative stayed to talk to Rocío: “She told me I had entered a black hole,” he testified.

Rocio has been imprisoned in Alcala prison for 4 years and in the meantime 44 disciplinary cases were opened against her, for attacks on other inmates and officials. “La Golosina”, Bombonica, as the girl is known, tried to kill herself several times.

Rocio was 19 when he committed the crime and the police initially accused Mario of Denise’s murder. The weapon that she says is a razor and was found by investigators is a 28-centimeter kitchen knife with which she stabbed the Romanian 5 times before running away. Denisa arrived at the hospital, but did not survive the attack.

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