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Priest Visarion Alexa admitted the accusations of sexual assault before the Archdiocese of Bucharest, the Patriarchate announces

Priest Visarion Alexa, the parish priest of the “Pogorârea Sfântului Duh” Church in Bucharest, “refused to give detailed details, claiming that his lawyer advised him to be detained in the statements”, announced the spokesperson of the Patriarchate, Vasile Bănescu, in a statement .

Before the Disciplinary Commission of the Archdiocese of Bucharest, the priest admitted that he had sexually assaulted a woman, for which he was detained for 24 hours last Saturday, announced Vasile Bănescu.

In the same communication, the measures taken by the Archdiocese are also announced, until the sentence is pronounced by the court:

  • suspension from service (total suspension from the performance of holy things, i.e. prohibition to officiate any religious service)
  • retirement from the position of parish priest (he no longer has the right to sign any document of the parish to which he belongs and to be involved in any administrative act)
  • the obligation to constantly, promptly and sincerely inform the eparchial Center (Archdiocese) about the evolution of judicial investigations regarding the accusations brought to it.

“With the pronouncement of the court sentence at the end of the period of judicial control, taking into account rigorously the motivation of the sentence and its seriousness, the Archdiocese of Bucharest, through its Disciplinary Commission, will in turn communicate the church-based sanctions that will be applied to the priest Visarion Alexa , sanctions directly proportional to the facts proven from a judicial point of view”, the statement also reads.

The priest Visarion Alexa, under judicial control after being accused of sexual assault, faces other similar accusations, released on social networks, and the confessions of the women are verified by the Police.

Transcripts between priest and victim

The Romania TV station published, on Sunday, excerpts with transcripts of a discussion between the priest and the woman who complained. In April, the woman claims that she was assaulted by the priest, and in July she filed a complaint at the 20th Police Station. The priest’s lawyer, Mariana Mihai, mentioned for Libertatea that the recording that appeared in the public space was made in August.

Victim: Did you touch me as a priest or as a friend?
Priest: As a friend…

Victim: But that it happened in a holy place?
Priest: Don’t stress, the whole universe is holy, it’s made by God. (…)

Victim: I want to know about the dictionary… And the explanations. My body felt like inventory. Your hands on the skin of my buttocks, on my abdomen, on my breasts, in my private part…
Priest: (…) It’s a gesture of affection, not inventory.

Victim: It’s a gesture of affection on your part that you enjoyed the touches more, especially since I was trying to stop you and kept repeating that it’s not allowed. My body being inert, especially since you are a priest and everything took place in a holy place. And you also shared me. Priest: (…) Don’t fall into the temptation of wanting to take revenge. Revenge hurts others too, but mostly you.

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Source From: Libertatea

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