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Criminal around the world, a Romanian was convicted in Belgium, Great Britain, Kuwait, Turkey, Poland and Russia and has to serve 13 years in Romania as well

The Belgian prosecutor’s office requested 5 years of imprisonment with execution for a Romanian arrested half a year ago and who turned out to be a criminal convicted in several countries around the world, writes the daily newspaper La Dernière Heure.

The criminal court in Namur began on Thursday the trial of two Romanians accused of 11 thefts committed in Belgium between November 2021 and March 2022. The two stole several vehicles, almost 5,000 liters of diesel, thermostats, cooking plates, water softeners , tools, but also 470 kilograms of computer motherboards. Most of the time, the thefts took place on the construction sites of construction companies.

Interrogated by the court, the Romanians admitted that they were part of a criminal association. The younger of the two had been specially sent from Romania to act as a driver for the older one. They were caught red-handed and the investigators discovered a place where all the stolen items were stored. Some of these had already been sent to Romania to be sold.

The judges’ surprise came when they discovered that the older of the two Romanians (the cited source does not specify their ages, however) is an international criminal, known to the justice system. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison in 2007, also in Belgium, after being sentenced to 18 months in Britain.

He is also the subject of an international arrest warrant, as he was sentenced to 13 years and 8 months in prison in Romania for forging credit cards. He has also been convicted in Kuwait, Turkey, Russia and Poland. Precisely because he is a known criminal around the world, he was now using a fake ID card.

In this case, the Belgian prosecutor’s office is asking for 4 years in prison for the youngest of the Romanians and 5 years in prison for the oldest, opposing any suspended sentence in the case of the latter.

Me Delhez, the lawyer for the two men, pleads for a suspended sentence for what exceeds the 6-month pre-trial detention already carried out for the younger and the court’s greatest leniency for the older of the two Romanians.

The decision will be given on October 20.

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Source From: Libertatea

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