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Murder at the nursing home in Calarasi. An old man stabbed two men. The attack, captured by surveillance cameras VIDEO

A 79-year-old man from a nursing home in Călărași stabbed two colleagues on Wednesday following a conflict. The surveillance cameras in the hallway of the dormitory captured the moment when the man attacks the two, according to CălărașiPress. One of them died a few hours later at the hospital.

The tragedy happened on Wednesday around 05:00. The 79-year-old aggressor first attacked his 80-year-old colleague with a blunt object. Then the other, aged 60, injuring them both.

A nurse called 112 to ask for help, and the police and ambulances arrived at the scene.

The two injured men arrived at the hospital, but the 80-year-old lost too much blood and the doctors could do nothing to save his life.

The employees of the home claim that between the aggressor and the 80-year-old man there was an older dispute that degenerated.

The attack was filmed by the home’s surveillance cameras, and in the images you can see how a nurse tries to give first aid to the man who was injured.

We warn you that there are images that may affect you emotionally!

A reaction also came from the elderly center in Călărași.

“This is a shocking event for everyone, especially the staff of this home. The murderer never gave us a second thought in a year and three months that he might be capable of such a thing. I understood from the staff who was on duty yesterday that they had a verbal conflict that in reality was resolved, but not in his mind”, said Ilinca Enescu, director of the center for Canal Sud.

The aggressor is not a first-time offender. In the 80s he killed his wife and spent 15 years behind bars. The man was in the old people’s home in Călăraşi last year and was not known to have any mental problems, the last psychological evaluation was done only a month ago.

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Source From: Libertatea

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