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The Caracal case. Gheorghe Dincă is awaiting his sentence today. What a punishment he risks

The judges of the Olt Court are expected to pronounce, today, the sentence in the “Caracal case”, in which Gheorghe Dincă is on trial for human trafficking, rape, murder and desecration of corpses in the case of the disappearance of Alexandra Măceşanu and Luiza Melencu. The magistrates postponed the sentence twice.

At the last deadline, which took place on June 16, Gheorghe Dincă asked to be acquitted for the double murder, after arguing before the judges that Luiza and Alexandra are not dead. He said there was no evidence to show he killed the two girls and asked the judges to convict him “of any crime short of murder.”

The defense lawyer and the hearing prosecutor Alexandru Dragomir, the head of DIICOT Olt, requested that the man be sentenced to 30 years in prison, the maximum he could receive, considering that he turned 69 in May of this year.

The one who requested the acquittal of Gheorghe Dincă was the lawyer of the Măceşanu family, who stated before the court that he is not convinced by the evidence in the file that “the bodies were burned in that barrel”. He hopes that, if Dincă will not be convicted of murder, Alexandra Măceşanu’s death certificate will be canceled and the search for the girl will be resumed.

Also on Friday, Ştefan Risipiţeanu, friend and accomplice of Gheorghe Dincă, is awaiting his punishment, he being tried for rape. In his case, prosecutors asked for a 12-year prison sentence.

Why was the sentence postponed twice

The DIICOT indictment by which Gheorghe Dincă and Ştefan Risipiţeanu, his neighbor, were sent to court was registered at the Olt Court on January 15, 2020, and the hearings in the file ended in May of this year.

The last term of the trial took place on June 16, 2022, when the prosecutor, lawyers and defendants spoke for the last time in the courtroom.

The magistrates postponed the sentence in the case twice.

The first time, on August 12, 2022, “to ensure compliance with the principle of continuity of the court panel”, judge Diana Cotoi being unable to appear on that date.

At the next deadline, on September 9, another postponement was announced on the court portal, the reason being the same: “respecting the principle of continuity of the court panel”.

Even if they reach a conclusion on Friday, the decision of the Olt Court is not final, and the families of the two victims have already announced that they will file an appeal.

Three years since the disappearance of the teenage girls from Caracal

Alexandra Măceşanu was only 15 years old. On July 24, 2019, she left home for Caracal to meet a friend and disappeared without a trace. The next day, Alexandra called 112 from Gheorghe Dincă’s house.

The investigators waited until morning to enter Dincă’s yard. After they found a metal barrel there, and under it ashes and fragments of calcined human bones, they announced that Alexandra was killed. Her case drew attention to the disappearance of Luiza Melencu, an 18-year-old young woman who was last seen also in Caracal, on April 14, 2019.

Since he was accused of hitchhiking the two girls, seizing them and taking them to his house, where he raped them and then killed them, burning the bodies in that barrel of blackboard. The file has been in court for 2 and a half years. In January 2020, Gheorghe Dincă was sent to court by DIICOT – Central Structure on charges of human trafficking, child trafficking, rape, qualified murder and desecration of corpses or graves. DIICOT prosecutors explained the traffic, saying that Dincă recruited the two girls, transported them and then housed them in his home, “for the obvious purpose of sexual exploitation for himself”.

The file stayed in the preliminary chamber for 9 months, where the judges checked whether the prosecutors’ investigation was correct. The families of the two victims had requested that the file be returned to the prosecutor’s office, for the resumption of the criminal investigation, but the Craiova Court of Appeal rejected their request.

The trial, judged behind closed doors The trial at the Olt Court began on October 21, 2020, when, at the request of DIICOT, the court decided that the hearings would be held behind closed doors. Judge Diana Cotoi justified her decision by saying, according to the conclusion of the session, that she had in mind “the impact determined by the alleged way of committing the acts”, but also “the circumstance that publicity would affect morals, given the obscene language used by the defendant Dincă Gheorghe in the documents submitted to the case file”.

The sentence to be handed down by the Olt Court is not final. It can be attacked by the defendants, but also by DIICOT, and the final verdict will be pronounced by the judges of the Craiova Court of Appeal.

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Source From: Libertatea

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