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Treasure from the Dacian era, discovered by the police from Alba following a post on the internet

The police officers from Alba, in collaboration with the archaeologists of the National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia, discovered, following an investigation started from a post in the online environment, an ancient monetary treasure, which would come from the Dacian era. Following a first estimate, it turned out that it would have a special patrimonial value, informs the Romanian Police.

The investigation was opened in September 2022, by police officers specialized in protecting national cultural heritage from the Alba County Police Inspectorate, after a person’s post was identified in the online environment, from which it appears that in August he found 22 ancient silver coins , in a forest in Alba county, which he handed over, according to the law, to the representatives of the local public administration.

“On September 19, 2022, the police, together with archaeological experts from the National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia and the detectorist, identified, in a forest in the town of Jidvei, an archaeological complex from the Dacian era, which includes a monetary treasure, deposited in a bronze vessel, containing “Macedonia Prima” silver tetradrachm type coins (159-150 BC), “Rădulești-Hunedoara” type drachms, Dacian (III – II BC), denarii from the Roman era (Antoninians), an iron fibula, Dacian and an iron amnar, from the Roman era”, notes the Romanian Police.

In total, the 116 heritage objects were deposited at the National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia, and, from the first evaluation by experts, it follows that the artifacts belong to the National Cultural Heritage, some of them belonging to the Treasury category.

The person who made the initial discovery is a 27-year-old man from Mureș county, authorized owner of a metal detector, and he supported the police and archaeologists in discovering and documenting the treasure.

The treasure is being restored at the National Union Museum in Alba Iulia.

PHOTO: Romanian Police

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Source From: Libertatea

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