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The general prosecutor calls on prosecutors to work even after hours: “Let’s see the cars in the parking lot even after 4:00 p.m.”

Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea announced on Thursday, at the presentation of the Public Ministry’s activity balance sheet for 2021, that there are significant delays in carrying out criminal prosecutions and urged the prosecutors to work even after the schedule to resolve older cases, reports Agerpres.

Gabriela Scutea appealed to the prosecutors to make efforts to resolve the old files.

“Correlatively, we notice that, from the increase in cases older than one year remaining in work (2020/2019, 21.77%), it did not recover at all in 2021. Our efforts must increase, to improve this indicator. In a simplistic expression, let’s see that the parking lots near our headquarters remain occupied beyond 4 p.m., especially since the procedural activities set for the prosecutor by the new Code of Criminal Procedure are less time-consuming than in the old code’s conception,” said Gabriela Scutea.

“Since the vast majority of cases fall under the jurisdiction of the court, the average level of complexity is not high. From the memoranda and complaints addressed by citizens to the general prosecutor, it can be seen that there are significant delays in carrying out the criminal investigation. What is the effectiveness of criminal investigation supervision? We will propose to the Judicial Inspection that the main area of ​​control at the prosecutor’s offices in 2023 is the method of supervising investigations, in the cases that have been pending for more than 1 year since the referral, corresponding to the prosecutor’s offices attached to the judges”, added Gabriela Scutea.

3.6% increase in pending cases

According to the statistical data published by the Public Ministry, the cases remaining unresolved increased in 2021 compared to the previous year by 3.6%.

Of the total number of unresolved cases – excluding cases with unknown perpetrators (632,656), 29.2% (185,010) are up to six months old from the referral, 19.2% (121,277) between six months and one year from notification, and 51.6% (326,369) over a year after notification.

In the own criminal prosecution activity, 7,952 cases with an age between six months and a year from referral (increasing by 5.1%) and 21,299 cases older than a year from referral (increasing by 2.3 %), and at the criminal investigation bodies, 113,325 cases with an age of between six months and a year from referral (increased by 3%) and 305,070 cases older than a year from referral (increased by 4, 5%).

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Source From: Libertatea

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