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Putin issues final warning to Europe

The news of the week reminded Phoebe’s run from the TV series “Friends”

On Friends – and it was fashionable this week because of a series of events to remember how young we were – well, Phoebe was on Friends. And she ran very funny – her arms, legs and head in the process wrote out a pretzel and dangled as they had to. Here in our week the whole world (well, not all, but the parts that interest us) was like that Phoebe on the run.

Let’s start from the ocean. There, it seemed, the transformation into Sodom and Gomorrah was going on, nothing foreshadowed trouble. First, Jennifer Lopez, speaking at a concert in Los Angeles, called her daughter on stage and addressed her as “they”. That is, the girl believes that she is not a girl. But not a boy either. Unknown animal. Sorry – non-binary person. Then Elon Musk’s son Xavier, a normal man with a normal woman, also announced that he did not want to be a son, but wanted to be a daughter. That is, everything is according to the plan of degeneration: the inculcation of the idea that sex is the free choice of a free person in a free country, climbed out of all the cracks. And then – as if poured from the soul: America abolished the constitutional right to abortion at the federal level (that’s what propaganda does – almost wrote the right of women to have abortions). Directly the best undertakings of Stalin were taken into service. And then a number of “Republican” states introduced a ban on abortion. In Washington, a road repair was urgently started near the White House to prevent the protests (did you think this was a purely Russian invention?). But the protests have begun nonetheless, and many are predicting America’s summer will be no less fun than it was during the heyday of BLM. And some boring political scientists believe that all this was done on purpose to distract US citizens from sideline inflation. Biden, by the way, said that this decision of the US Supreme Court “thrown America back 150 years”, although in 2006 he said that abortion is bad.

But Biden is generally progressing. If in March of this year he had a cheat sheet with theses for answers to journalists, then this week, June 23, in the cheat sheet of the US President for a meeting with representatives of “green” energy, elementary physical actions were already prescribed. For example: YOU take YOUR seat (YOU take YOUR seat). And, it would seem, everything is clear with Biden. An no. During the week, he gives out a very clear, clear idea that explains a lot of what is happening: an endurance contest begins between Russia and Europe. “What can Russia endure and what will Europe’s willingness to endure hardship?”. That is, the winner will be the one who can withstand the most inconvenience longer. Here we have a clear advantage. But European politicians have decided to demonstrate the wonders of masochism.

No sooner had Moldova (together with Ukraine) become a candidate for EU membership than its boss Sandu immediately announced that the country would support the anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union. But this is still half the trouble. Lithuania generally took a run to jump off a cliff. The chronology is important here. So, first Lithuania announced that it would restrict transit to the Kaliningrad region. Russia promised problems. Lithuania made round eyes and began to nod at the EU – they say, we only comply with their sanctions. The European Union (and there they also guess about the “Squid Game” with Russia) began to point fingers at Lithuania – this is all Baltic amateur performance. But. There were no immediate problems from Russia. And Lithuania got excited again – we will block it, we will not let it in, we are not afraid of threats. This very chronology is, after all, a purely Ukrainian case. Then Russia also exhorted, asked, warned for a long time. But Lithuania is stepping on the Ukrainian rake. Will they notice there (in Lithuania in particular, and in Europe in general) Putin’s last warning or not? A very simple warning made at a meeting with Lukashenka: Iskander complexes will be delivered to Belarus in the near future. Those who wish can independently familiarize themselves, even on Wikipedia, with the capabilities of the complex and with what warheads can be installed on its missiles. It would be better if they listened, because time has accelerated, and times have changed: the limit of trust has been exhausted – Russia no longer believes in promises, even in writing, only in actions. Peskov spoke about this last week (“Yes, it will be a protracted crisis, but we will never trust the West again”) and Patrushev (“You can’t trust not only the oral statements of the West, but also written ones”).

Well, as they once said on TV – news of culture. There were many of them, of course, but there were only two folk ones. The same ones, because of which the boomers began to remember how they rewound cassettes on a pencil. Tsoi would have turned 60 in a week, and Yuri Shatunov died at the age of 48. One is the hero of a generation, the other is an idol. And it seems they are not at all similar, but both are loved by the people. Tsoi sang about the blood group on his sleeve and a star named the Sun, and Shatunov about white roses and gray night. In my youth, it seemed to me that they sing about different things. And now I understand – they sang about one thing.

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