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Mert Fırat’s “Netflix” reaction to Devlet Bahçeli

Actress Mert Fırat reacted to the words of MHP President Devlet Bahçeli, “The series on Netflix, which includes swearing and the most despicable jokes, and featuring so-called comedians who have nothing more than charlatanism, now exceeds the limit”. Fırat shared on his social media account, “70% of people live below the poverty line, but we only have one problem, Netflix and Cem Yılmaz…”

Fırat used the following expressions in his message:

“The highest inflation in Europe, 70% of the population lives below the poverty line, bread is 5 TL, petrol is 30 TL per liter, electricity is more expensive than rent But we only have one problem, Netflix and Cem Yılmaz… By Allah, it’s paid and encrypted, so you can watch it if you want. You even accept it by contract, to that extent… »


Firat’s criticisms along these lines have been attacked by groups of trolls. Mert Fırat also responded to troll attacks and said, “Whoever says ‘sharing real numbers is politics’ is trying to change the agenda with a ‘delusion’ by stoning artists or academics, says ‘lie’ to TÜİK data sharing, and says ‘don’t believe’ Official Journal publication is a troll.. Stay away from trolls, don’t believe it, my dear brothers.


MHP President Devlet Bahceli spoke at his party’s group meeting on Tuesday. In his speech, Bahçeli targeted Netflix and said: “The series on Netflix, in which the so-called comedians, who have the most despicable swear words and jokes, and have nothing more than quackery, now have crossed the line. Family life is the last refuge. A planned propaganda is in place to plunder this shelter. Where are we going to laugh? What part of the freak show scenes that commodify corrupt women and men? On one side , there are bohemian and despicable lives presented to our eyes by the tabloids, on the other hand, it is a contradiction, a base plot, that those who live these lives pose as libertarians and humanists.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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