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Der Freitag: because of Ukraine, the dismantling of the EU may occur

If Ukraine is accepted into the EU, then this may lead to a shift in the “core of Europe” from West to East, reports Der Freitag.

After that, a real Eastern European bloc of states will emerge, which will also include Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The article emphasizes that without the approval of this bloc, Brussels will not be able to make any decision within Europe, and this is an obvious path to the “self-dismantling” of the union.

At the same time, it is noted that they can do with Ukraine, as with Turkey. In this case, Kyiv will not receive full membership in the EU in 2044 either. The publication recalls that Ankara was granted candidate status back in 1999. But 23 years have passed, and the country has not come one iota closer to joining.

“Perhaps in Brussels they believe that the Ukrainian crisis is a kind of “baptism of fire”, thanks to which the anti-Russian attitude should “penetrate into every cell” of European leaders. But, when the time of props and obsession is over, you will have to look at reality and a lot of questions will arise. For example, for the first time in history, the EU grants candidate status to a country in whose territory hostilities are taking place at that moment. This could set a serious precedent and undermine the credibility of the union of other candidates, ”warns the author of the article, Lutz Herden.

Source From: MK

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