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CHP’s Seyit Torun to Interior Minister Soylu: ‘You’re not doing your job, you’re bragging’

CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun responded to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who targeted the CHP with his statements in the area of ​​the forest fires in Marmaris.

Speaking at the collective inaugurations of the CHP in Kuşadası, Torun said: “Süleyman Soylu’s biggest paranoia is our municipalities. As if it wasn’t enough that our municipalities collapsed on him, now he has started to slander. Those responsible for the fire, the government, are still looking apologies. Yahu brother, the forest is burning over there, our souls are hurting. You are still trying to talk to us. Come on. Turn off that forest instead of insulting us. said.


Torun recalled that 11 CHP metropolitan mayors wanted to repair Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) planes last year, and said:

“Last year, on August 4, our 11 metropolitan mayors made a written request to have the aircraft of the Turkish Aeronautical Association ready for flight. In other words, they said that we are ready to provide all kinds of support. He continues his black propaganda, trying to justify their impotence and helplessness by blaming our municipalities.”


Seyit Torun, who accused Minister Soylu of putting on a “show”, said:

“I want to call Soylu from here; yes, you go everywhere burning and flooding, but what you do is just a show. Do your job. You don’t do your job, you brag. And there, at Marmaris, the forest has been burning for days. I was in Muğla a week ago, 10 days ago. “I warned the government in the press release I made. I said, look, the temperatures have started to rise, there could be a fire anywhere. Please don’t hide behind excuses about this, take your precautions as soon as possible, do whatever you need to do with your vehicle and equipment. But what do they say now, sir. the vision will come on the 4th of July. No sir, we can’t get it even if we have money. For God’s sake, this problem is being solved in the world, but why is it not in our country. Will you struggle to put out the fire only during the day. What will happen to the forest that burns at night. The most important is anyway. In fact, the first response to fire succeeds in extinguishing it. It gets harder to put out that fire after you grow up. But unfortunately you can’t handle it, unfortunately you fail. You always find excuses. You try to justify yourself by blaming others. But you can no longer paint the eyes of this nation. It looks like you haven’t learned anything from the past year. You haven’t done any work. Now our forests are burning before our eyes.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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