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Big reaction to Nabati during extra budget talks in parliament: ‘No money is allocated to fire planes’

The proposed supplementary budget law was discussed in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. CHP Istanbul MP ​​Emine Gülizar Emecan, CHP MP Muğla Süleyman Girgin, CHP Antalya MP Cavit Arı, before the commission worked, “There is money for currency protection, no fire plane”, “A budget that oppresses low incomes, loves supporters”, “Budget summary: Shutdown He opened signs with the words “No, keep ripping off”.

Girgin said: “The government is bringing an additional budget of 1 trillion 80 billion lire. But within the framework of the additional budget, not a single penny was allocated to the General Directorate of Forestry. Muğla is on fire, Marmaris is on fire. Marmaris has been burning for 40 hours. Night vision helicopters will arrive on July 2. Will we watch Marmaris burn together until July 2? The government allocates a budget of 40 billion for protected currency deposits; He doesn’t spare a penny for airplanes or helicopters,” he said.


Emecan said: “This budget, which was created with taxes collected from the people, was collected from the poor, merchants, laborers and labourers; Unfortunately, he is transferred to the capital and his supporters”.

Arı said: “People will continue to burn. In last year’s forest fires, 1350 houses and 750 barns in Manavgat; forest areas and farmland were burned. There is no forest fire allowance. There is an allowance for currency-protected deposits and public-private partnerships. This means that the people will once again be burned and crushed under the tax burden,” he said.

Girgin also said: “We are once again warning the government. You have burned the pockets of the laborer, of the workman, of the pensioner, of the shopkeeper; You burn the forests and you watch. The Minister is making a statement,” he said. AKP İzmir MP Yaşar Kırkpınar said “You are putting on a show” to the CHP MPs. A discussion broke out between the AKP MPs and the CHP MPs CHP’s Girgin said: “A year has passed, do you need to take precautions every 11 months?” said.

Then, Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance, came to the committee room. As Nebati shook hands with MPs, CHP’s Girgin said: “Minister Marmaris is on fire. 40 billion currency-protected deposits are allocated, but the money is not allocated for the fire plane, the minister said.

Opposition MPs wanted the supplementary budget proposal presented as a “second budget” instead of the supplementary budget because of its numerical size. MPs said budget preferences have changed since budget items have not grown at the same rate, so they should be discussed one by one.

CHP Vice President Bülent Kuşoğlu said:

“There hasn’t been a supplementary budget since 2004. There hasn’t been a supplementary budget for 18 years. Mr. President brought us together like a normal law negotiation. We will do so. Where is it written, what legislation does it have, and we gather according to this procedure. If it is a bill, it must be introduced by a member. But it was neither a budget nor a law. Neither the constitution nor the articles of association contain a single provision on this subject. Wouldn’t there be a single provision for the supplementary budget? Is there before that? With the change of 2018, the presidential system of government disappeared with it. Here, we are more or less making a new budget. Before six months, we renew the budget of the Republic of Turkey, the state budget. Is this how it happens? Like the TGNA, we showed will, we did not vote for the additional budget, what will happen? In fact, the supplementary budget has not expired for six months, another budget has arrived as much as before. What if he doesn’t come out? Will Turkey find itself without a budget? These are very significant shortcomings.


Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance, made a presentation pointing out that the economic difficulties are global, but Turkey is developing with a strong economy.

Minister Nebati said: “Towards the end of 2021, new risks have emerged. Rapidly rising inflation on the global stage, supply chain disruptions, commodity price swings, and the Russian-Ukrainian war have led to changes… In 2021, when we hit record growth, our country has followed a balanced perspective. Today, Turkey is a country with a strong economy that exports to 228 countries and regions. We attach great importance to the inclusiveness of growth. We ensure that all segments benefit from the increase in the well-being of our country.

Nebati said: “We expect the exchange rate pressures on inflation to ease as the need for external financing declines. We are taking the necessary steps regarding price increases. As we prepare the 2022 budget, the average price of the barrel of oil was 68 dollars, today the price of oil has reached 110 dollars. This increases the bill by an additional 50 billion dollars for the year 2022,” he said.

Nebati said: “While there were 39 helicopters, today we have 55. It became 20 when there were 3 planes, and 8 when there were 4 drones. Whereas there were 13,000 volunteers, there were 105,000 people Our water in the air capacity increased to 85 tons in 2002, 154 tons last year and 302 tons in 2022. The budget for firefighting is 4 billion from TL.

Nureddin Nebati said countries like Germany, South Korea, Japan and Finland had additional budgets during the year.


CHP Vice President Bülent Kuşoğlu said: “The amount is huge. We have completed the first half-year budget, we are preparing the second half-year budget. It’s such an important subject. We expect you to provide more detailed information. Why was it necessary to make a budget? This need to make a budget was born from the errors of the government. It was not necessary to make this budget. There are also other countries, but it is not such a budget. We’re talking about trillions of budgets, but when we look at them in terms of buying power, they’re not decent budgets. I would expect a presentation of what has been done for the salaries of retirees and employees. If the need for such an abnormal budget arose and the citizens were so oppressed, you should have taken precautions,” he said.


HDP Spokesman for the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee, Garo Paylan, recalled President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words “I want to govern Turkey like a business” and said, “He did. Businesses tend to exploit labour, exploit nature and maximize profits. I did not see a drop of conscience in this presentation. You said neither worker, nor farmer, nor pensioner, nor low income. Who did you raise? From this system, the bosses win, the small losers. The brilliance of your eyes brightened the banks. The banks are very happy, the interest lobby is very happy. You have risen,” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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