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The tradition has not changed at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey: the motions of the CHP and the IYI party have been rejected

IYI Party in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkeygovernment agencies“, HDP and CHP”to forest firesThe group’s suggestions regarding “were discussed separately.

Speaking on his party’s group proposal Yavuz Ağıralioğlu, IYI Party MP from Istanbulemphasizing that the State is visible with its institutions, “The state with all its institutions is the name of the apparatus that assesses all that the existence of the Turkish nation can bring in the future, develops them, strengthens them and finds the opportunity to show their will.” said.

If the Turkish nation is poor, why are state institutions famous?Asking the question, Ağıralioğlu, “If the Turkish nation is struggling to live, why are the state institutions succeeding? The Turkish state must show the spirit, the employment policy, the production capacity, the organization to employ qualified employees, the accounting and the ability to distinguish right from wrong, which will supervise the existence of the Turkish nation with its institutions.‘ he said.

Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, AKP Samsun MPHe said that the Republic of Turkey is a deep-rooted and powerful state, and it struggles to strengthen all state institutions and to make the service network healthier.

Speaking on his party’s group proposal Mahmut Toğrul, HDP Gaziantep MP He also said that the protection of forests is under constitutional guarantee. Emphasizing that forests are of great importance for ecosystem protection, Toğrul said forest assets in Turkey are decreasing day by day due to many reasons such as global climate crisis and changing quality of areas. forests. Toğrul claimed that the hired planes against the forest fires were not enough, that the necessary precautions had not been taken against the fires and that the government was carrying out a collection operation.

CHP Muğla MP Süleyman Girgin In his speech on his party’s group proposal, he also said that while the fires that took place last year have not yet been erased from memory, the fires also started this year.

Girgin claimed that fires will increase in the Mediterranean basin due to global warming and they warned against taking appropriate action, but the government failed to heed these warnings.

The group proposals of IYI Party, HDP and CHP were not accepted at the General Assembly.

After the discussions, the law amending the law on judges and prosecutors and certain laws was negotiated.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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