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CHP Engin Özkoç to Minister Kirişci: “You don’t have a clue, how did they make you a minister?”

Engin Özkoç made assessments on the agenda during the press conference he held today at the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Özkoç said the following in summary:


Forest fires continue in Marmaris. I’ve been saying “Where are the planes” for a year now. It is the first time in my life that I have seen a public administration managed in such an incompetent, comfortable and broad way. A country can only be so badly treated. “Night-vision helicopters will arrive on July 5,” said the minister. Well, Mr. Minister, “there will be no fire until the 4th of July”, is that what you thought? During this year, you launch the corresponding tender on July 4th. You don’t have a mind? You don’t have a word to say to the minister and the government? THK planes are in your hands, weren’t they in your hands? If you hand it over to our engineers, they’ll have these planes ready for you in three weeks. Why did you wait? Why do you perform? Why do you show up like the ministers are on duty when there’s a forest fire? There are 8 planes in the presidential inventory. I ask; Does the Republic of Turkey have any firefighting aircraft in its inventory? There’s a plane for the president. Don’t you think helicopters without night vision are useless? How did they make you look? Wasn’t there a man to make another minister in Turkey? You don’t have any predictions?

HAND OF WAITING ‘Do you want to give me dollars?’

Let me show you a picture. The forests are on fire or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is on vacation in Okluk Bay. The president, the president of the AKP is on vacation in Okluk Bay. A guest will come. Who? The murderous prince of Saudi Arabia arrives. The murderous prince, who ordered to kill the smuggler, arrives. He says: ‘How the forests are burning, how my incompetent ministers are monitoring the forest fires, how could I not intervene, they are burning, I have 8 planes, Turkey has none, let me see .’ Why didn’t Recep Tayyip Erdogan appear in front of journalists with Prince Salman? Because one of them will ask; “Isn’t that the man who gave the order to kill Khashoggi?” They made an explanatory text, nothing. In exchange for what did Tayyip Erdoğan give up the prestige of the Republic of Turkey? Do you see the photo that the Prince of Saudi Arabia gave to the press? What are you doing at your airport? The Prince of Saudi Arabia is above, Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves below. Waving, ‘Can you give me some dollars’? By what right do you make the reputation of the Republic of Turkey?


Let no one living in Turkey forget; the forests are burning, there are no planes. The president, who owns 8 planes, is on vacation here. He is currently on vacation here. While the forests burn, their clumsy ministers sit there watching the fire, because the forest-fighting helicopters don’t have night vision. What do they say looking at the fire? They say: “There is no lack of control, but there is no controlled fire”. The minister says so. What are you saying, my friend? What are you saying? “Even though nothing happened, something must have happened.” We didn’t understand that, or incompetent ministers, what do you mean?


Now that this president is in place, he is the major partner of the People’s Alliance… What about the junior partner? What’s he saying; “Nowhere in our country is there an image of Turkey as claimed by the alliance of disgrace.” In other words, he says “no hunger”, i.e. “no poverty”, i.e. “no high cost”, i.e. “people are not in distress”, i.e. “petrol does not increase”, i.e., “the dollar does not increase”. I ask all our citizens watching us in the Republic of Turkey; Is Devlet Bahceli telling the truth, my friends? One person says, “No, he’s not telling the truth. From, a person from the People’s Alliance. Who? Numan was saved. “There is a process that our citizens go through,” he says. “We also strive to reduce the cost of living in this process.” So the grand covenant says “the cost of living is there”. She can’t escape it, she says. The other says, and Devlet Bahçeli says: “There is no such image in Turkey”. Could there be such a big gap?


And the minimum wage? Numan Kurtulmuş does not want to say anything about the minimum wage. Why? Will minimum wage go hungry? Millions of people have expectations, but as I said at the press conference yesterday, raising the salary is not the solution. The solution is to stop hiking. It’s about finding a solution. Interest rates are on the rise due to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s stubbornness on inflation. The debt of the Republic of Turkey is tripled or quadrupled. People are devastated. It gets expensive. When you do it after a month, it doesn’t pay off. Is this how the government is run?


The minister made a statement about Tank Pallet; “We don’t have engines, we can’t build tanks.” Of course, since there is no gearbox, the production of tanks is not carried out. So why did you give Sakarya’s Tank Pallet Factory to Ethem Sancak for 25 years? Well, if you couldn’t do that, why did you give Tank Palette to another country’s army? Ethem Sancak is gone and gone. He says, “I bought 60 million lira, I made a profit of 10 million lira.” Is a truth so distorted? Did you sell 99% of BMC for $300 million or not? Was it $10 million? Did you sell it to Talip Öztürk for 90 million dollars or not? You still have 120 million dollars, I said it here, if it’s a lie, ‘the lie is Engin Özkoç’…”

Calling on the CHP and the IYI Party regarding the planned presidential salary increase in the supplementary budget of AKP Group Vice Chairman Mahir Unal, “Here, let’s subtract the salaries of former deputies to index them to the president’s salary” Asked about his lyrics, Özkoç said: “Let them out. He cannot say, “We did this because of you.” The deputies have no such request. The President’s salary has increased, it has increased because of you, it does not exist » gave the answer.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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