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Shoigu opened the exhibition “Victory Parade”

On June 23, the head of the Russian military department, Sergei Shoigu, opened an exhibition dedicated to the Victory Parade, which took place on June 24, 1945 on Red Square in Moscow. It was at that parade that trophy fascist banners were thrown to the Mausoleum. At the Victory Parade exhibition at the State Historical Museum, the main exhibit is an art panel created by the Grekov Studio of Military Artists based on a photograph of the 1945 Victory Parade. The photo was taken from the roof of the museum.

Shoigu thanked the artists of the Grekov Studio, who had been working on the painting for a long time – more than a year. According to him, the panel was made in order “to show everyone the full scale of the celebration of Victory Day – a great event for our country.” Together with Shoigu, the defense ministers of the CIS countries were present, who arrived in Moscow and will take part in a joint meeting on June 24. Also at the exhibition “Victory Parade” are paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, authentic relics from the museum’s funds, including Marshal Zhukov’s checker and tunic, in which he signed the act of surrender of Germany; parade uniform of Marshal Konev; Stalin’s raincoat, in which he was at the Victory Parade.

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