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CHP Öztunç ‘sabotage’ claim: ‘Forests are burned, hotels and summer houses are erected’

CHP Deputy Speaker Ali Öztunç claimed that the possibility of sabotage in the forest fire in Marmaris was high during the press conference he held with CHP MPs in the Assembly.

Öztunç, about the forest fire that is still not extinguished, “Obviously someone burned it, the possibility of sabotage is very high. This is also the statement made by the mayors. It seems to be sabotage. I hope the fire will be extinguished with aerial interventions and that the images of last year will no longer be relived. he said.

Ali Öztunç, saying the fire could not have been started from the air last night, “Conditions were very good, there was no wind. If night vision firefighting helicopters had intervened, the fire would have been put out and over, but there was no intervention. Because there is no night vision firefighting helicopter. They said ‘there is’ but unfortunately there isn’t.” used the expression.


CHP’s Öztunç recalled that 170,000 hectares of forest were burned in the fires last year, “Obviously they haven’t learned a lesson from last year. The same ignorance, incompetence and disorganization continues. Forests and our lungs are burned; instead, hotels, residences, villas , second homes are erected and the AKP tolerates them”. spoke his words.

Recalling that some ministers visited Marmaris last night, Öztunç said:

“(There’s a fire, let’s go to the chimney) Are you a firefighter or a minister? Ministers are instructed to take precautions in advance. A fire breaks out, ministers go to the scene, take pictures there , pose as they “We work hard, we step in. You’ll take precautions first. “I’m warning the government, don’t make the mistakes of last year. This company has no ego or politics. Take action on forest fires as soon as possible. We promise, as CHP, that we will be by your side.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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