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Ekrem İmamoğlu’s reaction to the “Istanbul Convention”: a handful of people were broken

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) hosted the second Purple Summit last year. “Many, equal and full together” held at the Istanbul Congress Center in Harbiye with the slogan.

Speaking at the opening, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu recalled that the summit focused on the Istanbul Convention last year and said:

“History has given us a precious chance: the Istanbul Convention. Unfortunately, we were wrong. It is a process that is so noble and will be presented to the whole world, and the basis for solving a contemporary problem involving women and a definition that eliminates gender inequality was established. The description of a process was called the Istanbul Convention. Unfortunately, friends in Ankara, a handful of people, broke this Convention of ‘Istanbul, as they do in all areas. But the struggle and the steps to solve it, keep going.”


The question of women, the question of equality… We are in a situation where we cannot give a positive answer to the question “Is there as much progress as we talk about it”, which is widely posed in our country.

Emphasizing that the issue of inequality in Turkey is discussed not only on the basis of gender, but also on many main topics such as the region and the economy, İmamoğlu said: “Even if each problem seems urgent and independent from each other, they are in fact the main elements of the concept of equality which ensures social integrity.


Highlighting that one of the pressing issues that are on the agenda with the events that hurt the society from time to time, İmamoğlu used the following statements:

It is highlighted with painful issues such as “harassed women, women victims of violence, women victims of assassination”, where women are secondary in social life and in the business world. We need a change of mentality rather than talking about the painful trauma we have experienced on this issue.

İmamoğlu said the problem is not just a “men’s problem”, “The issue that needs to be resolved is not the attitude of men or the position or situation of an opposite sex per se. When you take the issue of mindset change, it’s a holistic issue, a social issue. When you don’t look at the process like that, you really fall into new misconceptions. A mother and a father who also raise all men. If we realize that a change of mentality has spread to the house, to the family, to the street, to the neighborhood, to the school and to all the processes and start planning the solution in this direction, we will obtain together a real success. used expressions.


Emphasizing that if gender equality in society is not ensured, economic development cannot be achieved, İmamoğlu said: “It is necessary to understand that if there are 30-35% of women working in a city, it will not be possible for this society to prosper.”

Imamoglu continued:

“Turkey is a country that has had very serious, incredibly tragic and sometimes difficult experiences with immigration. It is not just the fresh or burning agenda of the current question of asylum seekers or refugees. At the same time, I am talking about a process where there is migration from the rural to the urban.

All of a sudden we are witnessing a process in which life in the city increases to 80-85% while Turkey is almost 40% working. When we look at it in this dimension, let’s be very clear that the most victimized woman is the woman.

In fact, it has created an environment that pushes women away even more. While the problems of inequality in the countryside were of another dimension, inequality between women and men became even more pronounced in families that migrated to the city.

It must be admitted that it causes many traumas and very painful situations. Cities are a place where people equalize.

So people migrate to cities for that. But in Turkey, this problem is even bigger.


As mayor of the metropolitan municipality, I see how our female colleagues provide valuable services to the city in the ecosystem, which has approximately 90,000 employees, and how good they are.

I see that they provide a very special service both from the director and sometimes from the driver of the IETT or from my police colleagues or from the subway driver to the technical staff, and I see the existence of many female colleagues who serve in environments to which we are not accustomed.

This means that they both provide services to 16 million people and are good for 16 million of our fellow citizens.

This image is very good for the women of this city and our daughters. I am truly honored and proud to serve in Istanbul with them.


Expressing that the population of Turkey, including refugees and asylum seekers, is approaching 93 million, İmamoğlu used the following expressions:

“Istanbul is an indicator and the center of this system of life in all its aspects. We are managers who know that every job to be done here will make a very serious contribution to the country. Now we are talking about many issues.

We talk about asylum seekers, refugees and faith-based issues. We talk about ethnicity issues. There are many topics. But let’s face it, the fundamental question is the question of equality.

Whatever you put under its subtitle, equality is at the heart of the matter. Gender equality, equal citizenship, equal rights, equality before the law, equality in all aspects.

In fact, I think we can solve the problems to a great extent when we solve the question of equality in the spirit, conscience, attitudes, behavior, law and application of the rules of this society.


Expressing that the 100th anniversary of the republic is approaching, İmamoğlu said, “Many gestures that we can express with pride were made during the early years of the republic. The actions taken by women and directors of society, especially Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, were at a very significant level globally. Today, on the other hand, we are in a situation where we have returned to attitudes and states that are much further behind than the level to be talked about in the front, and that will make you wait a lot for that day . We have to talk and think about why he ended up in this situation,” he said.


Describing an incident he experienced during his visit to Van, İmamoğlu said families did not send their daughters to school due to bus education in Muradiye, so a group of teachers and the director asked him for help with the girls’ dormitory.

Imamoglu said:

“It’s a coincidence that 5-6 boys are screaming that we can’t send your daughters to school. Please allow me to be proud of my fellow human beings.

It’s a huge problem if women are always on the agenda, on inequalities in education, etc.

There is inequality at the heart of the matter, and we can make a reform, a revolution if we approach it socially, make our language more practical, think together, put aside political concepts and go beyond the question of votes and act solution-oriented.

Believe me, otherwise we will not be watched, we will become politicians. I sincerely and emphatically express to all those who are not here, who say they want to contribute to the question of equality, that we should put aside any question that separates us and distances us from each other.

Let’s get out of this language. Sit at the tables in a solution-focused manner. Let’s be sincere individuals who strive to find solutions to it.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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