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The expert assessed the possibility of the presence of Russian ships in Nicaragua: the underbelly of the United States

What military prospects in this regard are opening up for our country, “MK” was explained by a military analyst, editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov.

A number of experts saw in this decision of the President of Nicaragua unprecedented prospects: Russian military bases in the underbelly of the United States with medium-range missiles. And they even began to draw pictures with “Caliber” and “Daggers” getting from Nicaragua to Florida, including Cape Canaveral.

Here they, of course, got excited. In fairness, it should be noted that Russia is not the only country whose army was invited by Daniel Ortega for “humanitarian missions” to the territory of Nicaragua. The list also includes countries that are members of the conference of the armed forces of Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic. As well as Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba and, oddly enough, the United States.

How can one explain this move by Daniel Ortega, made immediately after the Biden summit of the “Two Americas”? Why is there such a wide range of countries in the decree of the Nicaraguan leader on military cooperation – from Russia to the United States inclusive?

– If Ortega said that he was going to let only Russia, and even more so China, he would have greatly strained his northern neighbor – the United States. – says Alexey Leonkov. – The special services would immediately become more active there, with all the ensuing consequences.

US President Biden has just held the long-awaited “summit of the Americas” – North and South. He promised to distribute money to everyone. Although the amounts promised to the neighbors turned out to be absolutely incomparable with those huge billions of injections that go to help Ukraine.

– Everyone unanimously calls the summit a failure.

– Yes, but no one entered into an open confrontation with the United States there either (note that the United States, as the host country of the summit, refused to invite representatives of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, which led to a boycott of the event by the leaders of a number of Latin American states – “MK”). Especially Daniel Ortega. He is a “hard-boiled man” and understands perfectly well that Nicaragua is a small country, and if he goes into a fundamental conflict with Biden, he can “break away” on the “defense of democracy” in his small country. Moreover, it will not cost Biden anything. On the contrary, he will earn points on this, which will only go to plus his falling ratings. Biden now urgently needs some kind of victory, and Ortega, of course, will not openly provoke him.

That is why this document contains such a wide list of countries. Say, guys, please come to us with humanitarian missions – the fight against some pirates, or floods – we will always be happy to help you. But in fact, this is such a veiled invitation to Russia …

– … and further down the list. Like, is everything okay? Have we offended anyone?

– That’s it. But at the same time, one condition: you will have to ask us if you can come to us? And we will decide who to let in and who not. Thus, the Americans must understand: they seem to be able to enter, but they still have to ask the hosts.

“So Ortega is being cunning here?”

– This means that we are gaining serious influence points all over the world. And Latin America has been looking in our direction for a long time. First of all, Cuba and Venezuela. Nicaragua can also be included in this list.

And, of course, in Nicaragua they understand that it is one thing to simply express loyalty to someone, but if such loyalty is backed up by the presence of Russian military equipment, then this is a completely different alignment.

And you need to start here, of course, small. Suppose, for a start, to allow entry into the ports of the country in order to replenish the stocks of food and water. We have ships in the Atlantic, they go to Cuba, to Venezuela. Even our strategic Tu-160 aircraft flew there recently.

Many countries now see America losing its grip. Including thanks to Russia, so such an ally as our country will not hurt anyone.

– And where does it all lead? What does this mean for us?

– For us, such an invitation to our Armed Forces – fleet and aviation – means a lot. Think for yourself: what kind of Russian military aircraft can fly to Nicaragua? Only strategic aircraft. Nothing else will fly. Well, maybe another IL-96 as a civilian aircraft. But we are talking about the military. That is, our “strategists” are hinted: come to visit us, we will fill you up here, treat you with fruit …

– Can this be considered the first step towards military cooperation?

– Rather, to military-technical cooperation, where certain horizons and contours are indicated: if possible, in the future we could become, for example, a temporary base for you. We flew in, refueled, took part in humanitarian actions and flew away. Or, let’s say, there was a Russian expeditionary naval strike group, entered Nicaragua, conducted joint exercises to catch some drug dealers – pirates of the Caribbean – took a break and went home again.

– We are actually allowed right into the underbelly of the United States?

– Yes, this is actually the same as Cuba, close, close to the United States. Well, of course, if we consider this Nicaragua-Cuba-Venezuela triangle in military-technical terms – if I planned it – then here, of course, Nicaragua and Cuba need to be more actively protected by air defense systems (air defense).

It is necessary to install a radar station on the island of Cuba that would “see” the entire territory of the United States, as well as warning systems for missile attacks. In Norway, not far from Murmansk, do they have such a station? Why don’t we put a similar radar closer to US territory? You have delivered and we will deliver. And we’ll also protect it with air defense systems – otherwise you never know, what if you have more and more nervous presidents coming to power every year?

Approximately the same air defense system could be installed in Nicaragua, creating a layered defense there, which should include the S-300 or S-400 complexes, as well as the Buk and Tor complexes. And that’s it: the country is immediately protected from the air from possible threats. And we can service this equipment, quietly enter it, establish contacts …

– In Venezuela, it seems, such air defense already exists?

– Yes. Our “three hundred”, “beeches” and “toras” are just standing there. With their help, a layered air defense system was created in Venezuela. The Americans have already tried it “by the tooth”, nothing happened. To break through such air defense, you will need to lose a lot of your planes, so they no longer go there. They don’t want to embarrass themselves.

Well, if we do the same in Nicaragua, then our “strategists” could eventually fly there. And there, you see, we will bring them our new fighters, new helicopters through Venezuela.

– In the future, this region can become a serious springboard for us, the presence of which will be very nervous for the United States?

– Well, yes. But we need trade routes, we are developing economic ties with these countries, right? This means that it is necessary to ensure the safety of both these routes and these countries. After all, it’s not us, but we and they are being clamped down with all sorts of sanctions, our goods are not being allowed in.

But we, mind you, are doing everything peacefully and exclusively for humanitarian purposes. For example, civilian dry cargo ships or some container ships can go there. Although many people know that they can also be transported by missile launchers, for example, anti-ship But this is so, just in case. Is there a little…

Source From: MK

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