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Coronavirus in Romania, May 29. More than 500 COVID patients are hospitalized

Romania has reached 2,908,313 cases of people infected with the new coronavirus, after 295 new diseases were reported in the last 24 hours.

  • At 13:00, the Ministry of Health will announce the new cases of illness, the updated number of deaths and the situation by counties.

The latest balance shows a new death, and the total number of COVID deaths in Romania reaches 65,677.

534 patients with COVID are currently hospitalized in Romanian hospitals, and 83 of them are in Intensive Care, with severe forms.

Of the 83 patients admitted to the ICU, 69 are unvaccinated. Out of the total number of hospitalized patients, 25 are minors, all being hospitalized in wards, as in the previous day and no patient in ATI, as in the previous day.

How the number of new cases and the number of tests have evolved in recent days:

  • COVID balance sheet May 28, 2022 – 295 cases – 13,406 tests
  • COVID review May 27, 2022 – 427 cases – 15,788 tests
  • COVID balance sheet May 26, 2022 – 381 cases – 16,594 tests
  • COVID review May 25, 2022 – 434 cases – 18,078 tests
  • COVID review May 24, 2022 – 491 cases – 20,423 tests
  • COVID review May 23, 2022 – 234 cases – 9,731 tests
  • COVID balance sheet May 22, 2022 – 192 cases – 9,905 tests
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Source From: Libertatea

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