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US Senator in Romania: “If the Russians win in Ukraine there is a risk that they will move to Transnistria, Moldova and you are next”

The announcement was made on Saturday, May 28, by the American senator Robert Portman, in a press conference, after meeting with the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, with whom he discussed the situation in Ukraine, but also about the consolidation of the relations between Romania and the USA. informs Agerpres.

Republican Sen. Robert Portman said the whole region has reason to support Ukraine, because if the Russians win in this conflict, there is a risk that they will move on to Transnistria and Moldova or even Romania.

If the Russians win in Ukraine, in my opinion, there is a risk that they will cross into Transnistria, Moldova and you are next. I think it is important that you continue to do what you are doing, that is, to oppose Russian aggression against a sovereign, independent country, which, like Romania, is a democracy that has chosen to look to the west.

Robert Portman:

He stressed the importance of unity within NATO, expressing his conviction that if the alliance remains united, in time, the Russians will sit at the negotiating table.

“I would like to see a negotiation in which Russia agrees to leave Ukraine. It is an independent, sovereign country, and all the countries in the region, including Switzerland or Sweden, have taken its side because it is so clear what the moral situation is. Yes, Russia should negotiate and agree to leave Ukraine and allow it to be an independent country. I don’t think this is likely to happen if Russia does not feel that it will not succeed. I don’t know what their purpose is. I say one thing, and then I do something else. But regardless of their goals, I think they will not leave without being forced, so it is important that we continue to support Ukraine, “said the US senator.

“They are simply defending themselves, trying to avoid new civilian casualties. See how the Russians turned a city like Mariupol into rubble. Civilians, women and children died. My heart breaks when I see the pictures, when I read the news, when I hear from my Ukrainian friends what is happening “, added Portman.

“There is no stronger friend for the United States than Romania”

The American official highlighted the partnership between the United States and Romania. “There is no stronger friend for the United States than Romania. We have a real alliance and friendship. At a time when the region is being tested, when Russia is showing its aggressive tendencies in the region, friendship is more important than ever, “said US Sen. Robert Portman.

“I am speaking on behalf of all Americans when I say that we are very grateful for the way Romania has received over one million refugees from Ukraine. Romanians have opened their hearts and homes. Today, I heard the stories of some citizens who took time off work to help receive refugees, “he added.

Robert Portman also highlighted Romania’s direct aid to Ukraine.

Russia is the aggressor and continues to be involved in activities that should be called war crimes, if we see how it treats the civilian population. These are real atrocities. Our interest and values ​​are in line with those of Romania, they are the values ​​of democracy and freedom, of independence, the ability to establish your own path and sovereign territory, which Ukraine has not been able to do.

Robert Portman:

He welcomed Romania’s commitment to allocate 2.5% of GDP to defense. The American senator specified that this is important for the USA not only from the perspective of the relationship with Romania, but also because it represents a model for other NATO member states.

“I speak on my own behalf when I say that I am satisfied that China is not involved in your telecommunications. I think it is in your interest, but it is also in our national interest, because it is much easier for us to work with Romania and to have a partnership, including in the field of intelligence “, he specified.

“I think you’re a role model for other countries”

Rob Portman also spoke about US support for nuclear investment.

“I am interested in energy policy here in Romania. I think you’re a role model for other countries, because you don’t rely so much on exports, especially Russian ones. Many European countries have become dependent on Russia for energy, and this is a political tool used by President Putin. The fact that you have such a large percentage of hydropower and about 20% of nuclear, wind and solar energy and, of course, oil and gas resources – all of this is a good model, ”he said.

According to the US senator, small modular SMR reactors are a good solution for power supply, involving high-level technology, which is why they offer more safety than the old technology.

“They are cost-effective and emission-free. So it meets a lot of criteria. (…) My hope is that the US will help with the financing, in the context of Romania’s decision to implement SMR reactors, especially regarding what Exim Bank and another agency, called TFC, can do to help with the financing. This is a message that I will carry with me, because I believe that Romania has made us listen carefully and consider their request for financing these modular reactors “, he said.

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Source From: Libertatea

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