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Loto 6/49 draw from May 29, 2022. Report of 1.55 million euros for category I at Loto 6/49

New Loto 6/49, Noroc, Joker, Noroc Plus, Loto 5/40 and Super Noroc draws will take place on Sunday, May 29, after the Romanian Lottery awarded 12,706 winnings in the lottery draws on Thursday, May 26 total of over 761,400 lei.

Loto 6/49 results from May 29, 2022

  • Loto 6 din 49:
  • Lotto 5 out of 40:
  • Joker:
  • Good luck Plus:
  • SuperNoroc:
  • Luck:

Report worth 1.55 million euros for the Loto 6/49 draw on May 29, 2022

In Loto 6/49 there is a report in category I worth more than 7.66 million lei (over 1.55 million euros), and in Noroc a cumulative report in value of over 4.38 million lei is at stake (over 886,200 euros).

At Joker, in category I, a carryover of over 1.85 million lei (over 374,700 euros) is at stake.

At Loto 5/40 there is, in category I, a carryover of over 70,000 lei, and in category II a carryover of over 50,000 lei. At Super Noroc is at stake a cumulative report worth over 87,300 lei (approximately 17,600 euros).

At the Noroc Plus draw on Thursday, May 26, in category I, a gain of 79,407.20 lei was registered. The lucky ticket was played at an agency in Cernavoda.

When the last grand prize at Loto 6/49 was won

On March 27, at the Loto 6/49 draw, the category I prize in the amount of 14,823,497.68 lei (approximately 3 million euros) was won. The lucky ticket was played at agency 74-097 from Berceni – Ilfov commune, agency assigned to sector 4.

The winner of the Loto 6 grand prize out of 49 took possession of the money on Wednesday, March 30th. The winner is from Ilfov County, he is around 40 years old and he has been playing Loto 6/49 constantly for almost 20 years, always the same variant, the numbers having personal significance.

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Source From: Libertatea

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