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An American woman was reportedly abducted from a building in Volunteers by brothers Tristan and Andrew Tate. Another young woman was found at the villa of Bianca Dragusanu’s ex-boyfriend

A young woman with American citizenship was abducted on Monday evening by two men in a building in Voluntari, Ilfov County. The US embassy in Bucharest alerted authorities, and police conducted two house searches at the home of Tristan and Andrew Tate. The two were interrogated for five hours at DIICOT, after which they were released, but the investigation continues in their case.

“On April 11, 2022, Ilfov police officers conducted 2 house searches on two people suspected of committing the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty. Investigations revealed that a woman was held against her will in a building in the city of Voluntari “, Ilfov Police transmitted on Monday evening.

On the spot, in the building of some British citizens settled in Romania, the police found the 21-year-old girl. There was also another Romanian girl. The owners of the house were taken to the DIICOT headquarters and released after five hours of hearings. Investigations in this case are being continued by DIICOT, sources in the investigation told Libertatea newspaper.

The police officers collaborated with those from the Diplomatic Security Bureau, and following obtaining additional information, the police bodies within the Voluntari City Police notified ex officio the commission of the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty.

The name of the 21-year-old is Emma Aida Gabbey and she will be called to the police to tell the agents what happened.

Also in the villa of the two Britons was found a 20-year-old Romanian woman, who before being taken to hearings at DIICOT, was caught by the cameras with the two brothers and her lawyer.

The two brothers Tristan and Andrew Tate are British citizens who moved to Romania a few years ago and are also known for the relationships they had with various celebrities such as Bianca Drăgușanu or Alexandra Stan.

Millionaire Tristan Tate posted a video shortly after the police descended on his TikTok account, in which several women appeared with the message: “Tate takes 8 beautiful girls on a trip”.

@tate_wisdom Tate and his 8 GIRLFRIENDS in the coach😳🐐… #hustlersuniversity #money #rich #freedom #entrepreneur #redpill #business #motivation #willsmith #millionaire #million #famous #scandal #xcybza #fyp #sidehustle ♬ original sound .vvr

Tristan Tate is a kickboxing champion, having two belts, the millionaire fought with Adrian Presa, MMA champion, but he was defeated by the Romanian.

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Source From: Libertatea

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