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PressOne: Nicolae Ciucă blocked, in court, the plagiarism analysis of his doctoral thesis

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca has sued the Ministry of National Education to suspend the registration of three separate plagiarism complaints concerning his doctoral thesis, already admitted, addressed to the National Council for Attestation of University Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU), writes Emilia Şercan, in PressOne, after revealing on January 18 that Nicolae Ciucă plagiarized in his doctoral thesis.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the prime minister in the first instance and decided, at the beginning of March, to suspend the registration of plagiarism complaints, the quoted source notes.

Earlier, the General Prosecutor’s Office had blocked the analysis of Prime Minister Ciuca’s thesis by the CNATDCU, after opening a criminal case in connection with the Prime Minister’s doctoral thesis.

According to PressOne, at the beginning of February, the prosecutors collected his entire doctoral file, originally from the Carol I National Defense University (UNAp), and then collected all the existing documents at CNATDCU.

On Monday, March 21, Mircea Dumitru, the interim president of CNATDCU, announced in Edupedu that the analysis of the prime minister’s thesis was stopped following a notification from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

The analysis did not end, because it did not even begin. I could not complete the entire file of the thesis, because about three weeks ago the Ministry of Education and UEFISCDI, which provides the technical secretariat of CNATDCU, received a notification from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court transmitting an ordinance of this structure, PÎCCJ, requesting that the entire analysis be stopped until the case is investigated and a solution is given to the prosecutor’s office.

Mircea Dumitru:

“Formally, at this moment, the plagiarism notifications registered between January 20-25, 2022 were suspended by the court, and the General Prosecutor’s Office cleaned all state institutions where there were documents related to Nicolae Ciucă’s thesis – so that the verification of the thesis, from from an academic point of view, it is no longer possible “, shows PressOne.

According to political sources quoted by PressOne, one of the reasons for blocking the analysis of his doctoral thesis is a future candidacy for the presidential election. “Nicolae Ciuca is supported by President Klaus Iohannis to run for the Romanian presidency of the PNL in the 2024 elections, and a plagiarism decision would be a serious obstacle in a future electoral battle,” PressOne writes.

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