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Mobile camp set up near Albița Customs. The influx of refugees is expected at the largest border crossing with the Republic of Moldova

A mobile refugee camp in Ukraine has been set up near the Albița Border Crossing Point in Huși, Vaslui Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) officials said. More than 15,000 refugees from Ukraine have entered the Albita Customs since the start of the war, and their numbers are increasing day by day.

According to the representatives of ISU Vaslui, the mobile camp was built on a plot of land provided by Huși City Hall in the area of ​​the former workshop.

31 tents and three containers were set up to house people fleeing the war. These tents and one of the containers provide 205 accommodation places. The other two containers are used as bathrooms and toilets.

Local authorities provided access to the electricity network as well as other utilities. Also in this location, with the support of Huși City Hall, were placed another 10 containers distributed by the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Issues, a supplement of another 40 places for Ukrainians who need help.

Mobile camp set up near Albița Customs.  The influx of refugees is expected at the largest border crossing with the Republic of Moldova

At the level of the camp there is also a collection point for food, barracks and personal hygiene materials.

“The complex can provide accommodation and food for 245 people (of which 201 seats in the tents of the mobile camp), the camp being provided with 31 tents, folding beds, air conditioning and lighting systems, sleeping bags, trash cans and nets to ensure / directing the circuit of people, as well as a rolling kitchen “, said Marius Stanciu, ISU Vaslui spokesman.

Mobile camp set up near Albița Customs.  The influx of refugees is expected at the largest border crossing with the Republic of Moldova

On the first day, the mobile camp hosted 45 people from Ukraine, who entered Romania through Albita Customs.

A second camp, sent from Giurgiu

Authorities in Vaslui have announced that if the flow of Ukrainians increases, a second refugee camp will be set up in the county. In this sense, a mobile camp was transported from ISU Giurgiu to Vaslui.

“A number of six non-commissioned officers, drivers of trucks, have left this mission from ISU Giurgiu, of which four non-commissioned officers will remain at ISU Vaslui, the other two carry out only the transport. They are equipped with two trucks for transporting the mobile camp, two containers with complete tents, a truck with a mobile kitchen and a high power generator. Giurgiu firefighters will participate in the efficient coverage of field missions generated by the dynamics of the flow of citizens arriving in Romania from the conflict zone after the IGSU inspector general, lieutenant general Dan-Paul Iamandi, ordered the sending of mobile camps in the operative reserve of 15 county inspectorates for emergency situations, in support of the resources already existing in the border areas “, specified the spokesperson of ISU Giurgiu, Nicoleta Beianu.

Albița Customs is the largest crossing point of Romania’s eastern border with the Republic of Moldova. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 15,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania here, their flow increasing from day to day. If on February 2, 2,890 people entered Ukraine through Albita Customs, on February 3, 4,200 entries were registered among Ukrainians.

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Source From: Libertatea

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