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The Taliban have banned women from starring in movies and TV series

Afghan women are no longer allowed to play in TV series, and journalists and TV presenters have to cover their heads, BBC News reports. The Taliban broadcast new rules on Afghan TV channels, which include a ban on films considered to be against Islamic law. But there are vague and interpretable rules, some reporters say. For example, journalists have to cover their heads, but it is not…
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How to help your child make friends easier

Having one or more friends, maybe your best friend, playing with other children and going to birthday parties are routine activities for most children. Making friends is one of the most important childhood missions and it is a social skill that will last a lifetime.

MoneyGram launches bankless payment method on Stellar

After ending its relationship with payment solutions company Ripple, MoneyGram established a collaboration with the Stellar Development Foundation. In just under two months, the partners have taken significant steps to improve the company’s payment settlement capabilities. They have just unveiled a pilot project for direct cash-out and cash-out in the United States. One of the fastest…
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Family Care Capital, or "PLN 12,000 plus", is waiting for the president's signature. Who will get the money and from when? 22.11.21

The Family Care Capital is waiting only for the President’s signature. It is a new benefit from Law and Justice, the purpose of which is to support parents in combining family life with work. It will be granted for the second and subsequent children between the ages of 12 and 36 months. Below we provide details and information on who and from when can apply for the “PLN 12,000…
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The third child died in the Rostov region from poisoning

All children died in the same family Another child died as a result of poisoning in one of the residential buildings in the village of Bessergenevskaya, Oktyabrsk, Rostov Region. Two more children died earlier, other relatives are in the hospital. The death of the third child was reported to RIA Novosti by a source in the region’s law enforcement agencies. All victims were raised in the…
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