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Experts said: 'Mask requirement on public transport and quarantine for people with HIV should continue'

After coronavirus measures and restrictions were largely lifted, the number of cases started to rise again. Experts have said the need for masks should be put back on the agenda, especially on public transport, and mandatory quarantine enforcement should continue for those who test positive. With the effect of Omicron sub-variants around the world, a new summer wave of coronavirus has begun to be…
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Where will the extra-parliamentary ministers be candidates?

Who will give the battle of the cross for the first time The battle of the cross to be elected to the Greek parliament will be called for the first time to give to the upcoming elections several of the extra-parliamentary ministers of the government but also some of the ministers who had been elected deputies with the ballot of the territory of ND. On the State ballot Already…
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Colombia, dominant in road cycling at the Bolivarian Games

Rodrigo Contreras (l) won the silver medal and Aldemar Reyes (d), the gold. Photo: Pan American Games Colombia added three new medals (one gold, one silver and one bronze) in the road cycling of the 2022 Bolivarian Games, which take place in Valledupar. On the one hand…

The US allocates $ 14 million for modular reactors in Romania. "An essential step in ensuring energy independence," says Iohannis

The Biden administration together with the American company NuScale Power LLC (Tigard, Oregon) will provide $ 14 million to support engineering and design studies for the implementation by Romania of a plant with SMR technology (Small Modular Reactor, small modular reactors), the first this way, the White House announced on Sunday, according to Agerpres. The announcement was welcomed by President…
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Julia Kamińska heard that she was too fat. "A size 40 star - well, no. 38 maybe more, but 36 is better"

Julia Kamińska gained recognition from a wider audience thanks to the role of Ula Cieplak in the series “BrzydUla”. The multi-talented artist is perfect not only in front of the camera lens or on the stage, but also in the recording studio, where she uses her vocal skills. Although it is hard to believe, the beginning of her career was not easy. In an honest interview for Onet…
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