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Facial scars make men more attractive

Women respond differently to the question of what trait makes men the most attractive in their eyes. Someone notes the eyes, someone the body or a smile. An unexpected confirmation was found by a well-known aphorism – a scar on the face is the most precious thing for a man.

Scientists have found that small scars on the face really make men more attractive. The researchers aren’t sure if their conclusions are correct, but the scars likely indicate strength, courage, and risk-taking. These traits are characteristic of hardened machos, they wrote in Personality and Individual Differences.

It is noteworthy that such unintentionally obtained scars and tattoos are perceived differently than traces of past illnesses. Such as from chickenpox or surgery. On the contrary, they cause subconscious biological fears about the health and masculinity of the object of interest.

But the researchers emphasized that women think in a similar way when choosing a partner for a short-term fling.

When they are looking for a partner for marriage, the situation changes diametrically. Most likely, men without scars seem more gentle and caring.

This discovery did not come as a surprise to scientists from Liverpool. There are many precedents for the attractiveness of scars in non-Western cultures. For example, in Venezuela, men often emphasized their fight scars with ritual paint to show their strength and endurance.

Playboy model told how beauty interferes with building relationships.

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